Any prove that Jesus christ lives and that the events in the bible did happen?

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Any prove that Jesus christ lives and that the events in the bible did happen?




  1. None

  2. Yes there is proof that jesus existed. These are docments that were written by pagan historians in times jesus lived.

    these two were:

    Pliny the Younger   and


  3. In history, there was a prophet named Jesus of Nazareth...

    He was quoted talking about Ceasar's taxes and telling wise prophetic words to the masses...ect.

    There are some documentaries on Jesus. He did exist.

    Everything else is pure faith...

  4. no.

    but absence of proof is not proof of absence...

  5. First - why is this posted in Quotations instead of R&S?

    Second - read any of the early non-Christian historians of the time, and you will find references to Jesus or Joshua ben Joseph, as well as to other events.

    Third - one of the most prolofic authors inthe Bible was St Paul (originally Saul) who began as a hunter and exterminator of Christians throughout the region.  Then he encountered the risen Jesus ... the rest, thank God is truly history.  Otherwise Christainity would never have spread to non-Jews and would probably have died out.


  6. Yes there are historical books on the disciples of Jesus you can get from the library. Also- it is a known fact and can be found in history books that Jesus did live and did all that was said. the only argument is if he Really really was the son of God

  7. Faith, by its definition is to believe without presence of proof.

  8. I am not like most Christians, the evidence of the reality of Jesus is not simply what I say I believe. The true evidence that Jesus Christ exists is the transformation that takes place in an individuals life who has been born of the Spirit.

    When we look upon a seed we see the evidence of what it is by the fruit it produces. When we look upon a true Christian we can know what seed produced them- a Holy Seed, called the Holy Spirit.

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