Any light daily cleaning tips?

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I have a question for everyone, I am looking for everyday cleaning tips that I can follow everyday into my everyday routen. To help keep my place in tip top shape! I live a pretty active life style and I would love to keep my place clean & guest friendly for unexpected guest!!

Possible a mourning and evening routien thanks :)




  1. febreeze is my best friend:)

    i dont know what kind of tip u want cuz i take an hour or two (depends) and clean my house at once..yeah always with music on :)

    im sorry but vacuuming once a week?  i vacuum not a clean freak by any means but theres no way id want me or my kids walking on crumbs or what ever else is left on the floor

  2. The most simple way to ensure your place is clean is to make it easy and buy convenient cleaning supplies and keep them in around the house. Try buying canisters of cleaning wipes (Lysol or generic)

    and keep one under the kitchen sink and one under the bathroom sink(s)...or if you don't like anti-bacterial stuff, buy a few empty spray bottles and fill with your favorite all-purpose cleaner & have a roll of paper towels. Make it a habit to clean as you go around the house each day. When you use the bathroom - wipe things down once a day when you're in there - the counter, the faucet/sink, toilet handle and seat. When you're in the kitchen, quickly wipe down the counters and sink with a wipe, same after meals at the table, or in the living room. Invest in a small battery powered light vaccuum that's easy to move around and keep it handy in an easily accesible area - you can use it on hard floors instead of sweeping and on carpets for little crumbs here and there. Pay special attention to the most visited areas for guests - a certain bathroom, the living areas, the kitchen. Also great smelling scents go a long way in making a home seem "cleaner".  

  3. Set aside a couple of days a week where you just pick stuff up. It takes about 5 minutes, and the house pretty much always looks good. Other than that...make the bed (it makes the bedroom look so much cleaner). And vacuum once a week. If you have guests coming over and you didn't have time to do a big wipe down...just spray a little cleaner in the air in all of the rooms...just the smell of cleaner in the air makes people think you spent a lot of time cleaning the house.

  4. This is the routine I use and I love it!.

    ~ After you shower spritz down the show with a mild shower cleaner

    ~ grab a multi-purpose wipe (like clorox) or a wet washcloth and wipe down all the flat surfaces in the bathroom.

    ~ after breakfast clean up and wipe things down

    ~ Then go through the house and put things where they belong


    ~ After dinner put away dishes and clean up.

    ~ Run over the hard surfaces with a a dust cloth

    ~ dry swiffer the wood

    ~ before you go to bed wipe down bathroom sinks make sure things are in the proper place.

    Once a week I would do some heavy duty vacuuming and dusting. To clean your toilet just drop 2 denture tablets in they work while you do other chores. Hope this helps and good luck!

  5. Things You’ll Need:


    Cleaning supplies

    Organizational skills


    Identify daily housework by looking at the things you do each day from morning until night. This will establish the daily routines needed to simplify housework.


    Organize and simplify meal preparation by establishing a routine of daily meal planning, then build in a weekly plan of shopping for those needs.


    Establish daily kitchen routines. Go to bed with a clean kitchen so you can wake up to cook breakfast, pack lunches, and think about dinner. Wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen after every meal so it's always clean and ready to go.


    Organize laundry and wash one load every day. Sort dirty laundry daily, wash one load each day, and lay out clothing the night before to be sure everything is washed and accounted for when needed.


    Organize and maintain a tidy bathroom. The bathroom is used by everyone in the house and often by unexpected guests so keep it clean. Keep a canister of disinfecting wipes on hand for quick, daily cleaning that should only take about 2 minutes. Organize the bathroom so everything has a place and is put away.


    File incoming paperwork immediately. Junk mail, paperwork from school or work, and bills arrive daily and can become an overwhelming mess. Establish a daily routine of taking 10 minutes to go through incoming paperwork with your recycling can, paper shredder and calendar handy.


    Be consistent with daily routines. Housework and your life will be greatly simplified by establishing and maintaining these daily routines.


    Put hot, soapy water in the kitchen sink during meal preparation to help maintain a clean kitchen while cooking.

  6. I just bought what is called a Sweep Up,  It's a floor sweeper that is cordless and lightweight.It uses no electricity.  It cost me $10 and is worth every penny.  I can run it across the floor anytime I want, it's silent and it works.  Great way to keep up on the everyday stuff that gets on the floor without having to lug out the vacuum.

  7. Well, I'm a SAHM of two toddler and have a large-breed dog and a crumb leaving husband... However, I have a basic cleaning routine that works well for me...

    It takes roughly 45 minutes as day to clean my home... Two hours for a through deep cleaning... I have a 3 bedroom ranch with 1 1/2 bath a partially finished basement and  playroom/laundry/storage area as well as office breeze way.. Approx. 1,700 sq. ft.!

    In the AM:

    I give my bathroom(s) a wipe down with an antibacterial wipes.. Lysol/clorox make them and they are handy in-between deep cleaning... I also clean the mirror(s), countertops and toilets.. It keeps the bathroom smelling fresh/clean.  I also put a unused dryer sheet inside the toilet paper roll AND inside the garbage can.... I also like the CLOROX toilet wand in addition to my normal toilet brush....I clean my toilet EVERYDAY.. Inside/outside...!  

    -Once a week I sweep/mop bathroom(s)

    -Wash the towels/rugs and replace

    -Mop the floors

    -Clean the tub/tile surround

    Empty the trash everyday....


    Wipe down countertops/appliances with antibacterial wipes..

    Unload CLEAN dishes from dishwasher and LOAD dirty dishes from breakfast!  

    Sweep floor EVERYDAY

    -Once a week use a spray product to deep clean countertops/cabinets on the outside. As well as clean the outside of the appliances

    -Clean out fridge INSIDE and discard any old food/condiments... I usually do this the day before garbage day!  

    -Sweep and mop kitchen....

    -Run dishwasher when it's FULL on time delay... Empty in the AM


    Vacuum EVERYDAY... It really keep the dust/dirt down in the entire house.. Also, keep shoes OUT of main living area... Designate and area for storage/removal.... Ours is our OFFICE/BREEZEWAY

    Dust furniture 2x a week and polish with PLEDGE or other product one time a week....

    Wipe down windows/sills and electronic devices...


    -Gather laundry if any and run a load in the AM when you get up....

    -Vacuum floors EVERYDAY

    -Make the bed(s) EVERYDAY

    -Put away laundry

    -Dust furniture 2x a week and polish 1x a week

    Launder bed linens and replace at least 1 time a week...

    Vacuum mattress and Febreze 1x a week... Air out mattress 1x a week!  Prevents dust mites....


    *Im a little lax in this area since most people don't see it on a reg. basis...  I DO however pick-up the toys,games etc... and give it a through cleaning/mopping 1x a week....

    This routine works best for me.... Like I said- it takes me roughly 45 min-1 hour to complete  my daily tasks... I break it up throughout the day between meal prep, errands and other things.... However, my home is clean and fresh most days.... The maddeniing thing for me is the TOYS from my children... So, I clean them up 2x a day...

    Good luck

  8. put stuff back where you got them from & put some music on and grab a rag to dust or wipes stuff down while dancing you get exercises and tidy up at the same time.

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