Any Loestrin 24 Birth Control Pill users?

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What are the side effects, good or bad? I just got put on these today after a failed IUD. I hate taking pills. Please let me know whether you like or dislike them. Thanks




  1. i take loestrin now, and the first time i took it i felt a little nauseous, but that's excepted the first time u take any birth control.

    and i had reallly light periods to begin with, and now mine are like 2days, and i only get like a little brown discharge as my period.

    so..yea, i like them....but it may take your body a bit to get ajusted to them.

  2. Thanks so much on the answer to my question. I read the answers people gave you. Email me at dreamhands06 at yahoo. We can talk more there and the progress of the pill. I did feel a little nauseated for first two days and some mood swings so far. But I'm sure my body just has to get adjusted to the pill. I'm Rachael by the way.

  3. I just got put of it and I absolutely love it... they are effective and they help with your period too. By the way if you don't like the prices try going on loestrin 1/20 and they work just the same but they are like cheaper

  4. I used to be on it...i loved it.  I was on the Loestrin for 2 months then went to generic.  When i was on Loestrin, I immediately had a 1 1/2 day period that was very cramps it was great.   I love it!  Good luck...but make sure to keep the TIME you take the pills pretty even every night (my body flipped out when i varied the times!)

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