Antikythera mechanism - 100 -150 bc - Astronomy, or Astrology?

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This amazing mechanical computer displayed the 235 months of the Metonic cycle, the 76-year Callippic cycle, the lower back dial counted Draconic Months for eclipse prediction, the mechanism possessed 37 gears, of which 30 survive, and was used for prediction of the position of the Sun and the Moon.

Based on the inscriptions, which mention the stationary points of the planets, the scientists reconstructing it speculate that planetary motions may also have been indicated. Both Greek and Egyptian zodiac signs are accomodated, alternatively.

The sophisticated ancients who created this device knew a lot about astronomy.

Were they using their knowledge for astrology?




  1. Probably as most most people in the ancient world held beliefs about being influenced by the stars and planets. There was not a clear distinction between astrology and astronomy in the ancient world, just as science and religion were not separate institutions. So, while there is no direct evidence of the instrument being used for astrology what is known of the cultural norms at the times would strongly suggest that it was used for astrology (which was not separate from astronomy).


  2. > I would be thinking it was used for astronomy to track the stars movements for the seasons and events. but one never knows since there is no direct written description for what it was or what it was really used for definitively.

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