Ano ang mga nagawa ni pangulong elpidio quirino?

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     POTA NYO!!!

  2.  HOY! Mga putang ina kayo! kung anong pinagcocomment nyo dito HINDI NAMAN SINASAGOT YUNG TANONG! Pwede ba na magcomment kayo dito PAG ALAM NYO YUNG SAGOT?! Yung mga iba nagganda - hirap hirap na sa kakasearch tapos dito pa mapupunta sa site na to na sagot ni "Isearch mo sa google" s**t KAYO! 

  3. ala ako nga ang nagtatanong eh. :)

  4.  search mo sa google HAHAHAHA



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  7.  nah agui.

  8. yung iba nga wag ng magtype d2 kung wla kayong sasabihing maganda.. buti nga ung isa nakakatulong eh... gaguhan ba d2?? o gago lng talaga kayo bka gusto nyong patayin ko kayo... d ako nagbibiro... lalo na ung mga paloko-loko dyan wula nmn masabing mabuti bka gusto mong mawala sa mundo ng wla sa oras...


    lol  XD


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    A. ROXAS Administration (1946-1948)


    1. Rehabilitation of the Phils.

    - Infrastructures (reconstruction)

    - Economy - production, finance, employment

    2. Moral Recovery Program

    - Lessened Aimes

    - Educated Filipinos on morality

    3. Peace & Order

    - Failed due to the Huks (Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan)

    B. QUIRINO Administration (1948-1953)


    1. The Import Control Law

    - Intended to regulate the entry of American products into the Philippines

    2. Peace and Order

    - He got Ramon Magsaysay as Defense Secretary

    - Magsaysay convinced Luis Taruc to surrender (the Huk Movement ended)

    3. Graft & Corruption

    - He convinced not to steal from the government

    C. MAGSAYSAY Administration (1953-1957)

    * The Magsaysay Administration is the most loved administration by the Filipinos

    * Honest Administration

    * Administration closest to the Americans

    * Administration that gave priority to the poor people

    * The Bell Trade Act ended

    * Achievements:

    1. He brought back the trust of the people to the government.

    2. He minimized graft and corruption.

    3. He implemented several programs for the farmers, fishermen, weaving girls, cowboys, hograisers, poultry men and women

    4. He improved foreigh relations

    a) He initiated the founding of SEATO (Southeast Asian Treaty Organization)

    b) He initiated the creation of MaPhilIndo (Malaysian, Philippine and Indonesian)

    * Programs for Farmers:

    - Ginintuang Palay para sa Makintad na Buhay

    D. GARCIA Administration (1957-1961)

    * Most Nationalist President

    * Policies:


    1. Filipino First Policy

    2. Austerity Program

    3. Import Substitution Scheme

    4. Cultural Revolution

    E. MACAPAGAL Administration (1961-1965)

    * Focused on Improving the Lives of the Farmers

    * LAND REFORM ACT of 1963

    - rationalized the sharing of harvest between tenants & landowners (75% Tenants; 25% Landowners)

    * Moved the date of independence from July 4 to June 12

    F. MARCOS Administration (1965-1986)

    a. FIRST TERM (1965-1969)

    - among the most fruitful terms

    - massive infrastructure build-up

    - increased agricultural production

    - low crime rate

    - good public services

    - improved foreign relations

    - effective government organization


    1. Lavish Spending funded by Foreign Loans

    2. Nepotism

    3. Cronysm

    4. Increase in prices of goods caused by the oil crisis


    - In September 21, 1972, Marcos placed the entire country under military rule.


    1. To bring back peace and order

    2. To control the rebel forces

    3. To perpetuate himself to power


    1. The Constitution was set aside

    2. The Legislature was abolished (Marcos became a dictator. Marcos made laws that are now called presidential decrees.)

    3. The military were tasked to restore & maintain peace and order

    4. Any form of protest or criticisms against the government were banned


    "Sa Ikauunlad ng Bayan Disiplina ang Kailangan"

    1. Strict compliance of curfew (10PM-5AM)

    2. Death Penalty was strictly imposed (electric chair, firing squad)

    3. Crafted a New Constitution (1972 Constitution)

    4. Formed a Parliamentary Government

    5. Made the military the most powerful government agency

    6. He was able to do everything he wants to do

    G. AQUINO Administration (1986-1992)


    1. Established the Fifth Republic (Freedom Republic)

    2. Formed the Constitutional Convention that crafted the 1987 Constitution (Cecilia Munoz-Palma)

    3. Restored democracy in the country

    4. Ran after the ill-gotten wealth of Marcos & his cronies through the PCGG (Presidential Commission on Good Government)

    5. Provided free public basic education

    6. Crafting the CARP

    H. RAMOS Administration (1992-1998)



    1. Phils 2000 - NIChood by the year 2000

    a. Privatization-selling of government assets to private sector (Most Expensive Asset = Fort Bonifacio = Php35,000/sq.m)

    b. Trade Liberatization = gradual removal of tariff & quota

    c. Deregulation = remowal of gov't control over private businesses.

    d. BOT=Build Operate Transfer Scheme (NLEX; SLEX)

    e. Reduced Major Crimes

    - revived the death penalty

    - PAOCTF = Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task

    - 1995 - The Philippines was termed as the Tiger Cub of Asia

    I. ESTRADA Administration (1998-2001)

    - Peace Maker

    - First President in Asia to be impeached

    - First President to be Convicted of Plunder

    - Most Popular President (10.7 million Filipinos vooted for him over 15 million)

    J. ARROYO Administration (2001-2010)

    - Most corrupt president

    - Most human rights violator against student activists

    - Only president that faces impeachment complains every yea

  11. nag s*x 

  12.  nag s*x


  13. ala din naman katuturan eh

    bwiset kung anu anu tinatype

    can't you respect our national presidents???

    oh my gosh

    1. Itinatag niya ang PACSA (presidential ation commitee on social                  amelioration) upang matulungan ang mahihirap na pamilya.

    2. Siya ay ang nagtatag ng mga bangko rural

    that is so simple

  14. nagawa nyang mag jacul

  15.  hoy seryus aq noh kaya kong wala kaung magawa tumigil na lng kau k plsssssssssssssss may magandang sagut ba ang makikita dyo


  16.  mga abnormal!!! nagsasawa ako sa kakahanap tapos ganito gagawin nyo


  17. eto eun qanto ean tposx qanun na eun eun lnq.!!


    pakisagut amn ean ohh dii ko lam ee.

  18. murit si guest 11438116 talaga kalibugan ang asa isip

  19. Kabastos ni guest11438116 baka ikaw ang nag gawa!

  20. wan ko tanung mo sa kanila

  21. !@#$%^&*()*!^@#%$$#%^&!*#%6 ehh anu ung kay na poxas si roxas

  22. xa ay naging t@nga nung nakasupsup xa ng titi ng kalabaw un ang alam ko!!!!

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