Andy Schleck not happy with organisers while Frank appreciated Alberto Contador’s performance

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Andy Schleck not happy with organisers while Frank appreciated Alberto Contador’s performance
The runner-up in the two previous editions of Tour de France, Andy Schleck, is really upset on losing time to Alberto Contador. Andy Schleck lost more than a minute to Contador and Cadel Evans in the previous stage today.
After losing time to Contador at Col de Manse he took no risks in the downhill to La Rochette which has a history of crashes as Lance Armstrong was injured on this route and Spanish cyclist, Joseba Beloki, also crashed on the same course.
Andy commented, “It was a dangerous finish. I was not feeling great when he attacked and I did a bad descent.”
He added that crashes should be avoided and nobody wants a race that is decided in a downhill as it is asking for injuries as he was not happy with the organisers.
Both Andy and Frank are amongst top five cyclists of this tour and admitted that there is still a lot left. They can fight back and take the title at any time. Andy, despite on losing time after today’s stage, is happy with his form and is sure that he will
perform even better in coming stages.
Andy was a bit annoyed at the organisers, especially at the descend of La Rochette as he said, “We have families waiting for us at home. Do the public want a fair race or a race which ends in hospital?”
Frank Schleck, who is at third position in overall classification, believes that Bjarne Riis, their former team manager came up with this strategy as he is now with Contador. Frank said that the attack by Contador was totally unexpected and we should admit
that it was very well executed.
Unlike his brother, Frank appreciated Contador’s performance and admitted that the defeat was because of his own weaknesses. He further added, “Bjarne is behind this. He knows we don’t like the bad weather and the descent. Congratulations to them, it’s a
nice one.”
French cyclist Thomas Voeckler is maintaining a lead in overall classification. Cadel Evans and Frank Schleck are at second and third positions respectively, while Andy Schleck is at number four spot.



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