Andy Murray still hopeful for future success after another Grand Slam final loss – Tennis News

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Andy Murray still hopeful for future success after another Grand Slam final loss – Tennis News
British number one, Andy Murray, squandered yet another opportunity to win a Grand Slam title on previous Sunday. The world number three bowed out to the Serbian juggernaut, Novak Djokovic, once again in a Major final, letting
him to win the Australian Open title for the third consecutive time. Murray lost 7-6(2), 6-7(3), 3-6, 2-6, in the title match.
The third seed Scot was anticipated to carry on his winning roll of 2012 US Open final against Djokovic and he began the contest in an excellent manner. Murray took the opening set after a gruelling tie-breaker round but then reverted
to his habit of chocking out in the big matches. His game dipped considerably towards the end of the second set and this allowed Djokovic to force his way back in the match. The world number one went on for a rampage and reeled off the last three sets of the
contest to bag his sixth Grand Slam championship title convincingly.
It was the fifth time that Murray has poorly collapsed in a Grand Slam final. He couldn’t display the class he showed against the Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer, in the semi-final of Australian Open last week. He went through five
taxing sets but came out as the winner in the end against the world number two. However, all his zeal faded out against the fury of the top ranked Serbian on Sunday’s eve. Murray has been an all-different player after winning his maiden Grand Slam title in
New York last season. Sadly, he looked like the same contestant he used to be a couple of years back in the Sunday’s encounter. He started off well, got things under control and then suddenly frittered away all he had.
Despite of another disappointing performance at the most elite platform, Murray is still confident of substantial achievements in the current season. He believes he can bag more Grand Slam crowns this year and carry on with his
struggle to become the world number one player.
“I have to try and look at the positives of the last few months, and I think I'm going the right direction,” said Murray. “This is the first time I've beaten Roger [Federer] in a Grand Slam over five sets [in the semi-finals].
I think I dealt with the situations and the ebbs and flows in that match well. I know that no one's ever won a Grand Slam, the immediate one after winning their first one. It's not the easiest thing to do and I got extremely close.”
With Roger Federer slowing down with his increasing age and Rafael Nadal sidelined due to fitness problems, we might see more Djokovic-Murray Grand Slam finals this year. However, the Serbian juggernaut knows how to get the better
of the talented Briton and he will be the hot favourite for winning against Murray every time he will step on the tennis courts.
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