Ana Ivanovic ready to make amends to regain lost glory

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Ana Ivanovic ready to make amends to regain lost glory
Ana Ivanovic seems to be ready to once again take on the mantle of hardcore tennis and become the flagship player in the female version of the sport.
She is also confident of retaking some of her lost glory by climbing into the top 10 in 2011.
She won her only Grand Slam, the French Open, in 2008 and shot to fame by becoming the world number one. She plummeted to world number 60 in 2010 after a spate of poor performances that left many critics wondering about her future association with Tennis.
However, she muscled her way back into the top 20 by the end of the season and is currently ranked world number 17.
The 23-year-old glamorous Serb won two out of the last three tournaments she played and will enter the new year full of confidence. Speaking to the press on Thursday, Ivanovic attributed her improved performance to a new coaching team and an improved fitness
regime. Furthermore, she also stated that the improvement in her game was also a result of an increasing belief in her own ability.
"I feel good about my game and my fitness at the moment. It is a strange thing, once you lose it (confidence) you feel like it is very hard to get it back. In my case, I tried to search for it in many different directions and many different places and with
different people, but you realise that it is all the time within you, you just have to discover it," Ivanovic was quoted as saying.
Ivanovic was also confident about her chances of adding more Grand Slam titles to her wins cabinet having just won the French Open yet.
After winning titles in Austria and Bali, the Serb is now partnering with Novak Djokovic to feature in the upcoming mixed teams event of Hopman Cup beginning on 1 January.
With the new year just one day away, Ivanovic seems to have all the right adjustments for her career to grow and prosper.



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