American wedding dress for a Hindu wedding?

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I’m an American reform Jew marrying an Indian Hindu. We had agreed upon having two weddings, a big one in one in America where most of our family and friends live that would be mostly secular with a few Jewish customs and then a smaller traditional Hindu one in India for the people in my fiancé’s life who cannot afford to travel. I have fallen in love with two wedding dresses. Both are strapless gowns with gorgeous full skirts (but they looks different) and I don’t want to have to pick just one. Would it be inappropriate to wear a non-Indian dress to a Hindu wedding?

This is the dress I want to wear for the India wedding.




  1. you can go to this site check that,they have lots of dresses,also custom-made.

    good luck!

  2. times have changed and alot of people mix it up for their wedding..........i like your choice.....and it will look awesome on you...........wish you the best on your wedding day

  3. I think you need to ask your self one question. Would it offend anyone? That sort of wedding dress is not the traditional wedding dress. If you are having a traditional Hindu wedding like you said then you need to get a traditional Hindu wedding dress. You may want to ask you fiance if anyone would get offended. If it is traditional then you would definitely stand out, and that might not be a good thing.

  4. I think you should wear a Hindu dress for his family..respect their culture and ive gotta admit the dress will look lovely on but strange with the rest of the wedding being in their traditional style.

  5. The dress is gorgeous! But I don't think you should wear it for the India wedding.  Try a more form fitting one, like a white sari

    Good luck!

  6. the dress is gorgeous. try asking one of his family members to figure out what is best

  7. very beautiful dress sorry can't help with the other part good luck and congratulations on your up coming wedding

  8. I think it's best to wear a Sari for the Hindu Wedding.People in India love and respect their culture very much.So if you wear a wedding gown they will just raise their eyebrows.My fiancee is also a Hindu,but I'm a Christian.Basically we even have the same idea having two weddings in different countries.I have worn a sari once and i can say the feeling is entirely different.It's exciting and it will give you a whole new look.Believe me,aside from choosing the best sari,relatives from your fiancee's side will admire you for embracing and respecting their culture.Good luck!

  9. Congratulations.

    As an American (born and raised) girl of Indian (and Hindu) origin, I would highly advise against it.

    It's a very pretty dress, but it's not really appropriate for a Hindu wedding. As you may know, a Hindu bride generally wears a red sari. I don't know if you have attended one before, but I'll tell you that should you wear the dress, you will look very out of place at your own wedding. Most women there will be dressed in sarees and eleborate gold jewelry. Also, (and especially if his family is traditional), you will likely be considered disrespectful to the wedding customs. If you are going through with a whole, elaborate Indian wedding, why not go all the way? A Hindu wedding with a white dress is neither here nor there.

    You will be having an American wedding anyway, so my advice would be to be happy with your white dress then. At the Indian wedding, wear the traditional garb. Whatever your fiance might say, I'm sure he's looking forward to seeing you on his turf, in an Indian wedding, in a sari. Why not oblige him?

    As for the second dress, perhaps you could wear it at the Indian reception? Usually the bride changes into another sari, but in this case, to add a bit of your culture into the Indian wedding, you could wear the white dress. That way you can do all three :)

    As an American Hindu, that's the way I see it, anyway.

    Good luck with whatever your choice!

  10. no, i think u should wear an indian outfit. u can ask u fiancee if u want, but i think it's important to wear an indian outfit because u have ur culture and i think it would be more respectful to the indian culture if u wore a traditional indian gown.

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