Am i too fat, please answer my quez???

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i am 14 years old, 5ft 4 inches and i am 8stone 6 pounds...

is this too much? if so/or not then were am i in the overweight scale?




  1. I am 13 and a half and weigh about 8 stone. My doctor said that for age 13 - 15 you should weigh anything up to 9 stone.  If you are a girl. You are about average weight!!!!!!!

    You shouldn't be thinking about being fat at 14 anyway, being 20 odd is about dieting and fitness routines. De stress and enjoy life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  2. If you can walk with no avail then you're fine. Don't listen to anyone who gives you info about that BMI cr*p.

  3. No way, your definitely not fat!!

  4. no you are not, you are perfect

    you have absolutely no need to worry about your weight!

    any fat which you may have on your body is most probably 'puppy fat' because of your age - dont worry though, as long as you eat sensibly and exercise a few times a week, you will remain at a healthy weight :)

    please dont worry though :)

  5. Well I can probably help since im 14 and 5ft 3 and a half lol xDD

    What dress size are you?

    I weigh 8 stone 2 pounds and am size 8-10 you sound completly normal weight dont stress! :D

  6. You are not overweight at all :o

    Your only 14, so you need to eat more to grow properly.

    You shouldn't worry whatsoever about your weight, just try to be healthy :]

    I know someone told you not to listen to people giving you your BMI :L But it's a pretty useful tool :]

    Your BMI is 20.6, which is perfect :)

  7. Firstly do you look overweight or unhappy with your appearance because the weight to your height doesn't seem excessive to me.

  8. No, not overweight at all.

  9. No, don't waste your time worrying about your weight! You're only 15, wait till you have had kids and then you can start worrying! By the sounds of it, you are a perfect weight!

  10. i am also 14 and always thought i was "too fat" but i soon realized that there is no such thing as "too fat" as everyone has a different build and just because you weigh such a weight it doesn't mean your fat! You could have alot of muscle as muscle weighs more than fat and you might have a big build . I know people heavier than you and they are very toned and slender. Don't worry about any puppy fat you have because soon you will shoot up and loose that .

    Don't Worry =D

    Caitlin xx

  11. judge for yourself. if u are over weight that is un healthy so best you diet and eat good things not too many bad things...

  12. No thats just fine.

  13. You are fine, your bmi is 20.5, ideal is 18.5 to 24.9.

    But really it depends on your size more than anything, Taken from NHS Direct BMI checker ->

    "Even if your weight is ideal, you need to keep an eye on your waist size. People who are 'apple-shaped' rather than 'pear-shaped' are more at risk from health problems. "

    The BMI scores are based on an average person, e.g .at the same weight, more muscle is better than more fat...

  14. absolotly not fat you are fine well you can say that u are normal and mediam

  15.   No little miss you are not overweight, by the sounds of it you are "just right"

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