Am i sensitive to spiritual activity?

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im a 16 year old girl. and for as long as i can remember weird things have been happening to me. sometimes id feel theres something there or i might see something (usually at night) but recently its become alot more frequent and i dont no why. im getting really freeked out. recently though names and places, numbers and all sorts of things have been popping into my head. i was in class recently and all of a sudden i saw a hallway of a house clear in my head i asked my teacher questions about his hallway and they all were the correct to what was seen in my head. then a name popped into my head john and it wouldnt go away then it started to go john=father. after class i went up to the teacher and asked was he related to any one called john he said yes my father. it was kind of like john was talking to me? but then i found out his father isnt dead. so im confused i dont no whats going on. i try to ignore it but sometimes its so strong it doesnt work.




  1. Sounds like you had a vision, I believe you were picking up on your teachers energy, her thoughts, her memories. This happens to me at times as long as the person is in my view. Something of the person triggers it to come on, perhaps the persons expressions.

    I also believe spirits send messages, thoughts, pictures, visions telepathy form. I communicate with my spirit guide that gives me answers, visions, and communication.

    I can tell....your a very open, sensitive and compassionate person. All these things will be come stronger during times and with age.

  2. Yes I would say so. To learn to control these things or find out more abou them go to:

    you wil not regret it.

  3. This is just what I think...I think spirits (deceased people) can put thoughts and feelings into our heads.Maybe you weren't paying attention in class and your mind was "empty" or "wandering" and he was just waiting for someone to use to contact his son. OR...maybe this teacher was thinking about his dad and even that hallway and you picked up on his thoughts.  I think it's hard to tell the difference (unless they say "That's what I was just thinking!)

    Edit..What if all of a sudden before you said anything to him..he said to the class.."My father's name was John and I remember this hallway at home....." Then YOU would have said..or thought..."That's just what I was thinking!"

  4. You may have some sort of ability. There also may be a reasonable, rational explanation for this. don't be freaked out if you think it is a problem then talk to your parents about it and see what they suggest.

    If you feel you may have some magical ability then seek out people in that area who can help you develop it.*

  5. It sounds like you are sensitive to certain paranormal visions or premonitions.  That isn't the same as spiritual activity, as that these are not activities of the spirit, but of other phenomena or entities or in the least bit, these visions don't help you progress we don't need to call it a spiritual activity.

    Spiritual activities refer to doing spiritual practices such as the six perfections of Shakyamuni Buddha and meditating on compassion for the suffering of others.  Try to do a google search for more info.  Sorry, I don't have any links handy, but when I get one, maybe I'll send you one.

  6. It's commen for gifted people to recieve all sort and manner of visions and feelings. I would keep a journal of everything you experiance and you may want to find someone to mentor you. Good Luck.

  7. I have some ideas for you... but I think it would be best if we corresponded through email.  Just a little bit now... Try not to freak out... what you have described tells me that this is naturally a part of who you are... you are very empathetic, and are most likely picking up on the feelings and emotions from those around you... you could also be having premonitions - there are ways to deal with that... this is all very normal for a Spiritually / Metaphysically Gifted Person... also, 16 is a very common age to become aware of this.

    You have two choices...

    You can accept that it is part of your life... learn how to control it better...and possibly help other people.

    Or, you can try to ignore it and lock it away... but that is easier said than done, as you have already figured out.

    Ted Andrews is a wonderful man who has written many books on Metaphysical/Spiritual topics - How to Meet & Work With Spirit Guides, The Healer's Manual, etc. - I highly recommend you check those out.  

    Please email me.  I would love to talk to you some more.  If you don't want to, I understand, but I really feel that I could help.


  8. you should not be only sensitive but also a strong opposer to the evil works of unseen beings.try to visit yahoo group and type will see a symbol that wards off unseen beings especially of black and negative origin.if you want the copy and its oracle,you are free to do so.

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