Am i getting scammed?By internet fraud people?

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they send me a 1,000 dollar check and tell me to send the money western union /money gram to this person with an address in salt lake city UT and I'm in Fl.Is this a fake check or is it real and what will happen if i cash it and send it?Is this illegal




  1. SCAM.  If you cash this check and when the check comes back to the bank (which it will, I know someone this happened too) you will have to cover the funds from your own money... Don't be stupid tear it up and ignore can also ask the bank they are well aware of these phony check writers.

  2. just don't get involved it either isn't legal or its a scam

  3. Just completly ignore it. If it will continue coming to your mail, call police if you want to. It's probably something illegal and scam.

  4. It's very illegal and a big SCAM.. the check is phoney .  Don't get involved!

  5. PLEASSE don't do anything about that all this with checks online or with emails from different countries they are all scams if it is an email please delete it now cause i believe some of them cause viruses  

  6. Anytime someone sends you money and you have to send money back or to someone else, it is a scam.

    It is called a 'Nigerian' scam.

    What will happen is you will send them your good money and when you cash their check it will bounce. You will owe the money for the check plus whatever fees, maybe be charged as a criminal.

  7. Anytime you do something over the internet and someone tells you to wire money to them, it's usually a fraud because there are so many EASIER ways to pay (like PayPal)!

    If you are using Craigslist or eBay to buy something, e-mail the company and let them know. They'll either remove the person from the site or keep a close eye on them.

  8. sounds like a scam, who is it from? you can report it also because it's illegal.. i would preferably not cash it or do anything with it...


  9. Talish,

    It is a scam. You don't get money for free, there is always a catch/scam.

    some people are desperate these days with the economy and all, and evil people are going to scam on other just to make a few bucks themselves. Do NOT!!! cash the checks in. Once you cash the checks, you WILL be obligated to pay that back, Not the other person. Your signature is on it. Keep in mind...if it doesn't feel right or if you didn't earn it..let it go, ignore it. If they continue to send the checks, email them back and tell them to stop sending you things.

  10. Yes, you are getting scammed.  Here is how it works: the person sends you a fake cashier's check, you cash it and give them back part of the money, the check will be rejected by the bank within a few days, and the bank will come after you (it is your ID used to cash the fraudulent check, after all) for all the money, including the amount you sent back to the scammer.  Sound like a good deal?

    As far as what will happen to you if you cash it, well, the bank is going to want their money back.  If you don't have all of it to give back, they can seize your assets or have a judgment placed against you, and they're definitely going to contact the police.  You could even get accused of knowingly cashing a fraudulent check.  I saw some people on the news that ended up losing their house when they fell for a scam like that.

  11. ignore it.. it's a scam

  12. big time scan. toss the check in the trash, if you haven't yet

  13. that's a scam

    Something actually happened to me just like that.

    A check for $1,000 was sent to me. I was told to cash it and then send a money gram to Canada i think it was.

    When i went to the bank they told me the check was fraud.

    The guy who i talked to who told me to go cash this check was foreign of some sort....

    It just doesnt seem plausable.

    Its a scam

  14. Fake, don't believe it.

  15. it's a scam

  16. Definitely a scam. Report them to the police.

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