Am I the only one that breaks the mold for big feet=big p***s?

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i'm 16 and i wear size 13 shoes; but i'm 6 inches




  1. im only 14 and i have a size 10 shoe and im 5 inches down below

  2. the feet-p***s is bullsh*t !! and your p***s its just fine.

    Generally, men never get to see other guys with erections, other than in porno movies. Based on those over-sized bimbos, guys begin to think that they are inadequate. In fact, a recent survey in the U.S. found that men believe that the average size of an erect p***s is 10 inches. Women believe it's 4 inches. That kinda tells you everything right there, doesn't it?

    Anatomically, a normal p***s is 3-5 inches non-erect; 5-7 inches fully erect. Generally p***s size is proportionate to the rest of his body. The guy with the smallest non-erect p***s will be only slightly smaller than the guy with the largest non-erect p***s when they both have a full erection. The larger a p***s is when it is flaccid, the less it will expand when erect. So don't be overly impressed by those whoppers in the showers.

    s*x educators and therapists have difficulty convincing males that bigger is not better; what he has will work admirably when the time comes. In a heterosexual relationship, he must accept that the top 2/3 of the v****a has no nerve endings. You have to wonder why it is necessary to have a 12 inch p***s when she can hardly feel it. For most women, most of the sensory pleasure is around the bottom 1/3 of the v****a, that is where the nerve endings are located. That's only the first 3 inches of the v****a, fellas, and you don't need a big, honking salami for that!  

  3. nah, with a 13 size shoe you should boasting at least 8 inches.  I wear a 10 size shoe and have a 9" penile shaft.

  4. ok man. 13 size shoe isnt small and neither is a 6 inch d**k. i wear a nine and ahalf and hav the same size other part.

  5. I lost my virginity with a guy who size 18 shoes.  His was so small he didn't even pop me.  The next guy did.  Foot size and shoe size have no correlation.

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