Am I Pregnant? Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I Am I??

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I just saw my Husband naked, bit worried.

What has been the funniest *Am I Pregnant?* Question Reasons (of why they are pregnant) you've answered?

Apart from mine - I know I am funny. Because lets face it, they are a bit of comical relief,

I love when they say I can't go and buy a test, blah blah blah.




  1. Charli, I think you might be! haha.

    The ones that mainly annoy me are "Could i be pregnant?

    I had s*x 3 days...... etc."

    YES! YOU ANSWERED IT YOURSELF! YOU HAD s*x! YES, YOU COULD BE. I dont care if they used protection, blah blah it makes the chances lesser, but YES THEY COULD BE PREGNANT!

    Yes! If they are too young and embarrassed to buy a test; they should DEFINATELY not be having s*x.

  2. PMSL, Your's is the best one I've heard lol.. too funny.

    As for the rest, The

    Could I be pregnant if he fingered me, like seriously, please, go back to school and get an educationo first and do some growing up before tackling grown up stuff, lil girls and lil boys have no business mucking around with these things when they don't have a clue about conception or can't buy a test. I don't bother answering those ones cause they just annoy me with their stupidity (or knaivity) however you spell it lol.

  3. Ohh the funniest?

    He was playing with himself, then touched me - can it go through my knickers? Am i pregnant from that?

    When it comes to  these i've gotta laugh, and tell 'em to get a s*x ed lesson from someone - For Gods Sake Hurry!!

  4. lol. What about the ones. i am tired...might I be pregnat (poor things can't even spell the word), or my period was due today and it is not here...could I be pregnant?

    I stay away from that section now as it drives me insane. how many times can they hear "do a test"? I know some are desperate to be pregnant but how are we suppose to know? We are not doctors nor are we a stick for them to pee on.

    Thanks for the laugh Charli, getting abusive emails from someone on here tonight. So this gave me a lift.

  5. Lol, yes Charli, you'd better go and test.

    I saw one last night actually. She said she was kissing her boyfriend and he was lying on top of her. However, then she says they both had clothes on and didn't have s*x! Well, ummm, I think she is safe, LOL.

  6. There have been too many to list a favourite. But I love the ones where they ask if you can get pregnant by being "fingered". Last time I checked sperm did not come out of fingertips.

    Did you see the one the other day when someone asked how to make their own pregnancy test at home because they could not buy one? It was hilarious!

  7. Oh yes those questions drive me mental (but that isn't hard to do either, lol), but what about the "the test is I actually pregnant?" those are just as bad, lol.

    I read one the other day about "we were dry humping and he came in his pants, could I possibly be pregnant?" I couldn't answer it or I would have got a violation notice, lol.

    And Charli.....your hilarious!!


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