Almunia and Defenders crush Arsenal's Dream Golden Army (Part 2)

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Almunia and Defenders crush Arsenal's Dream Golden Army (Part 2)
Arsenal coach’s much exposed signing, the extremely skilful and talented Laurent Koscielny proved dull yet again. The young French defender displayed a poor performance and made the absence of Thomas Vermaelen felt even more.
The new signing by Arsene Wenger lacks pace as he was completely out gunned by the Baggies’ strikers on many occasions. Koscielny was also responsible for the first penalty conceded during weekend’s match against West Bromwich Albion. Nobody at the Emirates,
except for Arsene, seemed happy with this signing. Koscielny had played only a single season in the First Division of France. It looks illogical to play a player in the most rigorous league of the world that has no experience of top flight football.
Wenger’s another signing of this summer was the 30-year-old French defender, Sebastien Squillaci. This experienced defender was earlier projected as the "Cannavaro of France" by the Gunners’ supporters and Arsenal but the so-called French Cannavaro also
failed to impress at Emirates. Before coming to Arsenal, Squillaci was simply a nobody in football world and maybe he got his chance because Arsenal’s manager appears to be in love with the French players. Squillaci’s poor passing and sluggish defending against
Baggies was one of the reasons for his team falling in front of the newly promoted, West Bromwich Albion.
The Frenchman was just pathetic on the field and his wretched display was one of the vital reasons for Gunners’ wretchedness. It looks as if Wenger’s inexpensive signings are up for a backlash. The Gunners’ boss really needs to off load his much precious
right winger, Emmanuel Eboue. The Cameroonian midfielder was also unimpressive in the match as he was unable to control the ball in the midfield and gave away the possession on many occasions. Eboue failed in fulfilling the role of a holding midfielder.
Moreover, Abou Diaby was in for the injured Walcott but after last week’s performance, it seems that both the Professor’s and the Gunners’ supporters will be praying that Theo returns soon enough. Arsenal’s skipper, Cesc Fabregas did not feature in the fixture
due to his hamstring injury. His absence was greatly felt as Gunners failed to dominate in the midfield and they were not able to produce much goal scoring opportunities either. Only Samir Nasri’s extraordinary and committed performance saved Arsenal from
a disgraceful 3-0 loss.
No doubt, Gunners are deficient of quality performers on the bench and season after season the similar thing is again showing up. But still, the boss seems determined to play his not-so-talented players instead of buying other big ones. The only dissimilarity
between Arsenal and Barcelona is that the Gunners do not even have half of the quality players that the Spanish side posses. It looks as if Arsenal’s boss fails to realize that his fringe side lacks the quality required to win silverware. His somewhat poor
planning might again cost his side yet another trophy.
Wenger’s unwillingness to spend money on quality players is costing the Gunners trophies season in and season out for the last five years but the boss still looks untroubled. Moreover, Wenger’s cry-baby approach has also got him the anger of fellow managers
of other English Premier League teams. It appears that Arsene Wenger has lost his Gunners’ plot and unless he originates some valuable plan, his days with Arsenal are numbered.
It was a great opportunity for Gunners to reduce their points’ margin with Chelsea but they failed miserably. It is high time for Arsene Wenger to sort out the problems before it is too late.
(The above is writer’s own independent opinion)



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