All India Junior, Kuhoo Garg beats Uttejitha Rao Ch. in second round – Badminton news

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All India Junior, Kuhoo Garg beats Uttejitha Rao Ch. in second round – Badminton news
Kuhoo Garg, an upcoming player from India, convincingly defeated Uttejitha Rao Ch. in Girl’s Singles U19 second round at the All India Junior Ranking Tournament on Thursday, June 27, in India.
The sixth seeded Kuhoo, who has been working hard to enhance her skills in Singles category for the last couple of years, played top quality badminton and she won this battle in a convincing fashion by taking just 35 minutes in the arena.
Kuhoo started her run in a positive manner and she remained quick in placing her shots in right areas. Her positive and attacking play was the key that enabled her to win this contest in straight sets by a 21-15 and 21-16 score on the board.
On the contrary, the un-seeded Uttejitha also played good badminton but she could not control the affairs when they mattered most. She committed errors on critical stages in both games and left the court without winning any set.
The in-form Kuhoo started her campaign in first game with a positive note. She took an early lead by playing with wonderful variations. Her aggression played a key role in keeping her ahead on the score board.
Kuhoo was in complete command of rallies and she did not let her opponent to settle down in the arena. Her fast and accurate strokes got her a considerable lead until the mid-game interval.
After the break, the impressive Kuhoo stayed on track without showing any mercy to her confused opponent. She stretched her lead in the concluding points by playing composed badminton.
At the ending points, Kuhoo did not show any sign of confusion and she continued employing attacking skills and easily bagged the first game with a controlled 21-15 score on the board.
In the following set, Uttejitha also showed her brilliance as she played attacking badminton from the starting points and stayed close to her in-form opponent. Both shuttlers were close until the interval.
In the concluding part, the impressive Kuhoo took over the control of rallies again by playing flawless badminton at net. She employed fast pushes in gaps and broke the flow of her lower ranked rival.
Kuhoo managed to stay on track in ending points of second game as she played positive badminton won the set with a five-point advantage of 21-16.



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