Alex Rodriguez and Yankees quiet about presence of A-Rod’s steroid supplying cousin - MLB News

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Alex Rodriguez and Yankees quiet about presence of A-Rod’s steroid supplying cousin - MLB News
Alex Rodriguez is no stranger to controversy. Throughout the duration of his career, he has been a constant fixture in the spotlight, mainly for negative news though. The biggest hit he had to suffer in his career probably came when he was linked to a steroids
scandal and accepted it as well.
In the press conferences and apologising that followed, the fact that became clear was that A-Rod’s cousin Yuri Sucart had supplied him with the steroids that lead to a scandal which rocked the world of baseball and Rodriguez’s career alike.
Alex has come a long way from there and his relationship with steroids was almost forgotten until very recently when his cousin Yuri was present in the lobby of a hotel room in San Francisco where Rodriguez along with other Yankees was staying.
Yuri has been banned by the New York Yankees franchise from all team related locations due to his role in aiding A-Rod procure steroids when he was with the Texas Rangers, a few years back.
Rodriguez very briefly answered questions that were being posted by fans and the media alike since the sighting of Yuri. He said, "The team is fully aware. He stays at his own place, he's not on the team bus, he's not on team planes, he's not in the clubhouse,
he's not in the stadiums, so we're complying with all the rules.’’
When inquired whether Major League Baseball or team officials had contacted him in regard to his relationship with Sucart, Rodriguez went on to say, "No, there's nothing to talk about. Everyone's kosher with everything. There's nothing to investigate. Very
When asked to talk about his relationship with Yuri by the media, Rodriguez answered by saying the Yuri had been with him since he was born and will be with him long after he was done with baseball. Rodriguez emphasised the importance of family in his life
and how he loves each one of them.
Manager for the Bronx Bombers, Joe Girardi acknowledged the fact that there was history present between Yuri and Rodriguez but it was important not to turn your back on family members even if they haven’t always done the right thing in the past.
Even though Major League Players are allowed to interact with family members and friends in hotel lobbies, or wherever the team is present, the Yankees should have been more careful about this particular meeting that took place.
A-Rod is allowed to roam around with his cousin socially but the clubhouse should have let better judgment prevail over family loyalties and obligations. There have been many incidents where Rodriguez has crossed the line he shouldn’t have, let’s hope for
the sake of his career, the New York Yankees and the name of Major League Baseball, that this sighting of Alex’s cousins doesn’t lead to another line being crossed by A-Rod.



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