Air travel help please-checking items.?

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I'm taking my digital camera with my carry-on. I was wondering if the x-rays affect digital cameras? I am also taking a portable DVD player with me, do they have to check those out seperatly or can those both go through the scanner? Also, taking a backpack as my carry-on, is that too big or a good size?




  1. It depends upon the size of your backpack.  

    EVERYTHING will be going through the XRay when you pass through security.

    Just don't put your backpack in one of the bins.  The bins are made for things that will get stuck on the XRay belt or things that are fragile.  You will need to take the DVD player out of your case and put it through in its own bin.

  2. x-rays won't hurt either - send them on through.

    I believe that DVD players are asked to be taken out of their bags and placed in a separate tub.  I'm no sure about the cameras - if a large camera, probably needs to come out of the bag.

    Backpack is a good carry on - as long as its not one of the huge camping bags.

  3. Both the dvd player and camera are able to go through the scanner. The Xrays  will not affect the camera at all. I have always brought a backpack as a carry-on, so that will be fine.Here'ss the order you should put you items on: 1st bin: Backpack,  2nd Bin:Valuables, 3rd Bin: Shoes. You do this because the backpack it's self isn't that important. You do the valuables in the middle because if they are in the middle, they are less likely to be stolen, and you put the shoes on last so they will be closest to you.

    Hope this helped,

    <3 Kel <3  

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