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  1. This is to notify all viewers of this forum that the NPA LOANS LTD has an significant roll to plan in establishing your company Financial capacity, which is an important factor that must never by down looked in a company image.

    We provide loan for Business owners only, the name of our loan agency is NPA LOANS LTD.

    We assist falling Business to help them up again.

    The details that will be needed from the business owner, for a successful loan approval is the below following.

    1.) Company registration


    2.) Prove of Personality such as international Passport

    3.) Prove of residential Address


    Be informed that the entire above mentioned certificate will be confirmed by your country embassy.

    We offer urge Loans Capital, raging from $500.000USDollars to a maximum of $2.000.000 US Dollars.

    Please don’t contact us if you are not qualified with the above stranded!!!

    For more details contact email:

    Contact Person: Mrs. ANNA MAPCO

    The possibility of getting a Loan with the NPA LOANS LTD is based on approval, which will be after submission of application, and be informed that the taken loan would have to be paid back with a period of 4 years, at interest of 25%, deteriorating to comply with the dead-line pay-back period of time, will direct your company name to a black list

    The NPA LOANS LTD, is empowered by the Bank of Mozambique, unclaimed dividend worth over 1.4 Billion USD.

    The NPA LOANS LTD is a list of share holders, with the Bank of Mozambique.

    Be informed, that Mozambique as a country has no history of scam activities, such information you can confirm, as well be verified from Google on line verification.


    Our Motto :We empower your company financial image.


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