After swallowing hot food (not necessarily spicey food) achy feeling goes down my spine..what causes this?

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To me its almost like 'brain freeze' u eat something cold and ur headaches for a few seconds.........this happens when i eat something hot and i feel a slight achy feeling goin down my spine..what causes this? Just out of curiousity. THANKS!




  1. That will probably be caused by your vagus nerve.

    Forgive me, but it's a long answer, so here's a link to a very good website.

  2. ur nerves react from what your taste buds feel and b/c it's going down to your stomach, it is close to the spine. everything is close together in your midsection and near your spine so it's possible the nerve endings may sense it and register it as pain. Also, try letting your food cool off until it's warm, not hot. This is just a guess of what's going on but I've never heard of anything like this before.

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