AC Milan will go out with their heads held high: Christian Abbiati

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The Rossoneri goalkeeper insists that the award of the second penalty to Barcelona surprised everyone; stated that their focus will be on Scudetto after exit from UEFA Champions League.
AC Milan goalkeeper has revealed that the award of the second penalty to Barcelona stunned him, and insists that the surprise was equal for the hosts as well.
The Catalonians went through the Diavolo to progress to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League, after winning the second-leg of the game 3-1 at Camp Nou. The first-leg of the tie played at San Siro ended in a 0-0 stalemate, and all the eyes were on
the return-leg in search for a winner.
The Rossoneri were ahead on away goals when the score stood at 1-1, but the decision to penalise by the referee turned the game adversely for the visitors. The penalty decision has been a hard one for the Milan outfit to digest.
The Rossoneri netkeeper insisted that the team gave a strong performance in the game, and created a lot of problems for the Spanish giants. The keeper stated that they had put the fear of disqualification in the hearts of the opposition with the equaliser,
and insisted that the unlikely penalty decision was shocking for the hosts and the visitors alike.
While talking to Milan’s official channel, the 34-year-old said:
“I honestly wasn’t expecting the penalty and neither were the players. We battled, we made them suffer and even scared them because we were in a qualification position after we equalised.”
With Ac Milan’s hopes of accumulating silverware reduced to just the Scudetto, the Casciavit goalkeeper insisted that he has little regret of the defeat. He maintained that the team walked tall on their way out of the competition. The Rossoneri guard insisted
that the defeat will fire up their spirits for the Serie A title even more, and stated that they will play each of the remaining league fixtures like a final.
“We’ll go out with our heads held up high. However, there is a little bitterness because we did believe after the 0-0 first leg draw. It’s a shame, but now we have the Scudetto to play for where we have eight Finals. We have a small lead and we have to hold
on to it.”
AC Milan have a two-point advantage over the chasing Juventus, in the race to the Scudetto.



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