A Golf tournament featuring US presidents

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A news story surfaced recently regarding the fact that current US president Barak Obama plays more golf in the White House than the man he replaced George W. Bush. Obama has already played golf 32 times since being elected into office while Bush had only played 24 times during his entire presidency.
What we need is a golf tournament to sort the men presidents from the boy presidents. Now that would be a thrilling encounter, a security nightmare, but still a great event. It could feature past presidents with a passion for golf competing against each other for nothing more than bragging rights. It would be an exhibition contest only but if some of the presidents were feeling confident enough the whole thing could be spiced up by having professional golfers competing as well. Now that would be exciting, even though watching past presidents battling on the green for the title of best golfing president would be excitement enough for most, throwing into the mix a couple of pros might liven things up even more.
George W. might be a little out of practice after giving up playing the game at the White House after he made a disastrous statement saying that he felt the pain of all the mother’s whose children died in Iraq and then saying, “watch me hit this drive.” That put a little bit of a black mark on president’s playing golf while on the job. Obama seems to put that all behind him by making it seem like if he is doing the job then what is wrong with a little down time on the golf course hitting a few balls around.
Imagine for a moment the amount of press coverage a tournament like that would generate and if done on a weekend or when the current president has some down time, what could be the harm in it. It might be a good way to show the skill level that the current president enjoys. Maybe that is why Obama is practising so much, he feels that when he retires and joins his local country club maybe he will run into a few past presidents and someone might challenge him to a game of golf.  Since retired presidents have been getting a lot of practice, being retired and all, Obama needs to get his game up and set the bar high.
What would be even more interesting could be an international golf tournament featuring presidents and prime ministers from different countries around the world competing in a grand golfing master’s tournament. It would not only be a thrilling competition but would also do wonders for world relations. Imagine the strategic constructive dialogue that could take place between the leaders of nations that are prone to friction. Say for example the US and Iran (I’m not too sure Ahmadinejad can play golf but it’s worth a try) could come to an amicable solution to all their problems while having a great time swinging a golf club around for a few hours. This may be the newest solution to peace in the world; a golf tournament.



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