2010 World Cup: Vicente Del Bosque has a plan to break tough Swiss defence

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2010 World Cup: Vicente Del Bosque has a plan to break tough Swiss defence

The Spanish coach Vicente Del Bosque has stated that in no way will he and his men under estimate Switzerland in their World Cup opener against them. He said that he had advised his players to do the same and will mark Spain’s road to glory with reminiscence of each and every victory.

Spain and Switzerland’s World Cup opening match in Durban, South Africa, will be the most anticipated and awaited match yet, with record number of viewers watching it around the globe. The Spanish team is widely speculated as victors of this year’s tournament with a star studded team and magnificent performances.

 However Del Bosque is wary of the fact that other big teams have yet failed to make their impression in the tournament. He related England and Italy as prime examples of that fact, stating that he had learned from their mistakes and will not let the La Furia Roja down in the same manner.

This happens to be Del Bosque’s debut in a World Cup as coach and he admits that despite that fact he is ready for the task ahead better than he’ll ever be and his team felling about it was mutual. He said that his team had prepared well in their training sessions; proof of which was shown in the friendlies. He also said that he had the full backing of the nation and fans across the globe along with the Spanish Football Association at his side.

Talking to media in a press conference Del Bosque stated, “It’s my first World Cup but I have enough experience in the world of football to know what it takes. It is important that the players and coaches are ready".

The La Seleccion have entered major footballing tournaments as the most likely to win. But fate didn’t play friendly with them till now. They were the victors of the Euo 2008 and have had an absolutely splendid journey through the qualification round.

Del Bosque and his men face severe scepticism from critics that despite their outstanding class and plethora of erupting talent, Del Bosque’s armada lacks the pedigree to acquire the trophy in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Still from what is observed in the Spanish camp it can be clearly stated that this time over the team there is this superfluity of motivation and self-belief. Their attitude in the games and of course their performances are clear facts for its validation.

The Euro 2008 Champions still have a similar squad to when they won the Euro Cup. They have had an excellent run in their friendlies, winning all three of them with superb performances, including their thrashing of Poland of 6-0 in the final game which clearly upped their tempo and left the impression of ‘do not mess with me’. With that win they are closer to breaking the record of invincibility set by themselves in the years of 2008 to 2009. The record of victories lines up to 12 matches and at the moment the Spanish team is just three short of that record.

Del Bosque stated in a press conference that the first match is often regarded as the toughest one with teams lacking the experience and guts churning because of nervousness. He said that his team however will have a much calmer and straight approach toward s the match, “Nobody can expect to have the game decided in the first half hour. England and Italy the world champions, struggled in their first games. The first match is always very difficult”.

He admitted that his midfield and forwards will face a tough time in countering the Swiss defence. He acknowledged that Ottmar Hitzfeld's men didn’t falter to a single goal in the last World Cup but he had a special plan to break their stronghold in Durban.

Del Bosque cautioned the Swedes, “Switzerland are more than a group of players, they are a team. They qualified directly and in the World Cup in Germany in 2006 they didn't concede a single goal. We must impose our identity, especially in midfield”.



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