2010 Women's Qatar Classic: Malaysia's Nicol David clinches 50th WISPA World Tour title

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2010 Women's Qatar Classic: Malaysia's Nicol David clinches 50th WISPA World Tour title

Ranked no. 1 in the World, Malaysia's Nicol David defeated Australia's Rachael Grinham at the 2010 Women's Qatar Classic to mark her 50th Women's International Squash Players Association World Tour title. In a matter of 34 minutes, David thrashed Grinham 11-5
in the first set, 11-8 in the second and 11-9 in the deciding third set.

Shortly after the prestigious win, Nicol stated, “It’s great to win again in Qatar. Rachael and I know each other’s games so well, you’re always going to get close matches and long rallies. It was great that the crowd got involved, I get so much support here
it really helps, so thanks to the supporters, the organisers and the sponsors for another great tournament, it’s so good to keep coming back here year after year."

On the contrary, disappointed with her loss, Grinham exclaimed, “I maybe wasn’t as patient as I needed to be today, especially when I was up in the third, I tried to finish it too quickly I think. I wasn’t as accurate as I’d like either, I sprayed a few balls
around and missed a few basic straight shots, it could be about a bit of stiffness and not being as properly stable on the shot, but that’s something everyone has to deal with. Not too bad overall, but I could have done with snatching that third.”

Prior to facing Nicol in the championship final, Rachael battled it out against England's no. 2 seed, Jenny Duncalf. Unfortunately for the Briton, her reign was ended as Grinham took the match 9-11, 11-5, 12-10, 11-5 in 41 minutes.

Meanwhile, David thrashed Egypt's Nour El Tayeb in the semifinal match played between the two to make it through to the championship final. Nicol initiated the match with a 11-7 win and went on to take the second set 11-2. El Tayeb managed to make a come back
in the third set taking it 11-5. The decider nevertheless went in favor of the Malaysian as she bagged it based upon her 11-7 win.

Earlier, Nicol got through with the no. 7 seed namely Australia's Kasey Brown defeating her 11-6, 12-10 and 11-7 in straight sets to come out triumphant in the quarterfinals of the tournament.



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