2 types of Ford RDS 6000 CD player?

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I'm looking to replace my RDS 5000 (tape) with a RDS 6000 (CD).

On checking eBay, it seems that there are two types of RDS 6000 (over and above the different colours, the special ones for KA's, the 2007 model, etc.). One has a rocker volume switch like the RDS 5000. The other has a rotary volume k**b.

Theoretically, they should all be 'double DIN' but, knowing Ford, are either of these unsuitable for use in a 1997 P-reg early Mk.2 Mondeo?

PS. Don't waste your breath telling me I ought to get something better. I know, but I can't afford it, I'm tone deaf and I now work in an urban state secondary school!




  1. They're identical apart from the volume control - I've had both. They're the same size, fixings, etc., they'll both go in your Mondeo.

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