Can company force me to work 50 km away from my house

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My partner has been through a temporary staffing company for 10 years. They placed him with the same company for the last 6 years. now he is being shifted overnight because supposedly since a new law came into force that says something to do with working in the same company for a period of time. They shifted him to a divison of the company, which is far and there is no public transport that goes there. And this is a huge problem. My partner has no driving licence and the company knew since the starting. It is impossible for him to get to this new location by public transport. The usage is also 50 km from the place of residence. He must decide in two days whether or not he takes the job at this location. If he refuses now they want to give him direct a cease and desist letter. Is that right? And that after 10 yeas where he worked for the temporary work? What can he do?

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  1. Just because something "seems wrong" no warning can be issued. There must be indicated already tangible and verifiable evidence.

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