waterproofing a tent

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  1. No matter which tent you are using currently, either it is cabin tent, dome tent or any other type, new or old, waterproofing them will minimize the chances of leaks when there's a heavy rain. If you've made the mistake of using a moderate quality tent without waterproofing on a rainy day, then it would be very unpleasant experience especially when it occurs in the middle of the night. Mostly all tents are waterproof. In fact, large percentages of tents available in the market are water-resistant. However, cheap tents from the supermarket are a serious damage when the weather turns and heavy rain come. But if you have a truly waterproof tent, after rain you will again need to treat your tent in order to get back in its original shape. For the waterproofing of your tent you will need a tent, waterproof solution, seam sealer and watering can or shower.

    Depending on the type and nature of the solution which you are using for the waterproofing of your tent that how frequently you use for the waterproof solution to your tent. These solutions are used by spraying, a squirt bottle or using a brush. Before you used the waterproof solution, make sure the tent is neat and dry. Stretch the tent so that the fabric is tight and then use the waterproof solution on the opposite direction of the initial coating if the tent is new. for old tents, apply the solution on both sides. A glossy appearance will represent that it's side coated with waterproof solution.


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