how to paddle a canoe

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  1. Holding a canoe paddle properly might seem like an extra ordinarily easy technique for learning. But it would be an interesting fact that many people hold a canoe paddle wrong which causes a loss of power during the forward stroke. It also gives the canoeist’s body in an awkward paddling position, which would be hard to manage. One can fallow the mentioned steps in order to hold paddle properly.

    • Adjust the top hand on the Canoe Paddle: The adjustment of the top hand will give you an excellent grabbing power to the handle the paddle. When the paddle is oriented vertically, the back of the top hand will be facing upward direction. The stem of the paddle must be between the four fingers of the top hand.

    • Adjust the bottom Hand on the Canoe Paddle: hold the paddle with the lower arm's hand on the neck of the paddle. When the paddle is held out horizontally the paddler's arms should be holding the canoe paddle at border than shoulder width apart.

    • Find how to make a Forward Stroke: Now that you know how to grab a canoe paddle, it's time to learn the canoe forward stroke.

    • The lower arm and grip is used to maintain the canoe paddle and is the one generating of the energy.

    • The upper arm and hold used the canoe paddle generate the balance and preciseness of the stroke.

    • People most commonly use both hands to grab the paddle like they would grab an ax. Must notice that your top hand on top of the paddle.


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