how much did you take off with yokebe?

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how much do you have taken off in the first 2 weeks writes me please :)

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  1. Hello! The question of the meaning first. 1) No carbs is now in the evening in question, a new study says the opposite! : says: "Our results show that the carbohydrates most evening method for people who so far have failed because of a diet, is a better alternative in the long term to take off" 2) According to research, diets - lead and includes also low carb, Yokebe and slim in his sleep - tend to higher weight. What is happening? Yo-Yo: Who is up at the end of the life diet such as low carb, Yokebe and slim in his sleep? Hardly anyone. It makes a diet as low carb, Yokebe and slim in his sleep or starving. They took then a lot of fat and some muscle mass. Then it feeds back to normal. What happens? The fat come back most of the time even more. Muscle mass comes back only to the part, the rest will be replaced by fat. Now, it has more weight and a higher percentage of fat. And there is no muscle mass, which burns fat otherwise permanently. Of course, there is also a minority with good success. What I think is better: A girlfriend took off just by jogging about 40 kg and now 10 years ideal weight. Without going hungry, not a diet, normally eaten. I wish a beautiful and stress poor week.

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