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  1.  Buying a car is very sensitive issue because you need to move on to different places on car, so it need t o be in perfect condition. If you are planing to purchase a new car than you need no tips just visit the web sites of different car manufacturer companies. When you are purchasing a used car there are certain things which should be kept in mind which are:

    First you need to examine the body of the car from inside and out side. For proper examination look out for the corners and pillars. They need to be inline with each other depending upon the shape of the car. 

    The interior of the car is also of very important to examine all the buttons should be in working condition. If the car is having an electronic meter or digital meter it should be working properly and all the gauges should also be showing the accurate readings. 

    Tyres are also very important along with the rims as well. Tyres should be new or at least near to new so that you should not be spending additional amount after the purchase of car. 

    Last and the most important part the engine and the chassis. Engine should not be giving any sort of oil leakage. There should be no sort of marks of oil coming out from the engine. Drive the car in bumpy road to check out for the suspension of the car. Turn the car at both sides with certain speed so that you can have a clear idea about the suspension of the car. 

    You must Keep these things in mind and purchasing will be ease for you. Best of luck.

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