Where can you hire someone to beat someone else up?

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  1. Guest58168

     I got a brother that's messed up soo badly, I need you to sort him ou , justjus rob him and few punches on the face.

  2. Guest58151 if your in the UK message me and il see what we can arrange 

  3. Guest57959

    Guy took $1000 from me for a truck and hasn't delivered the truck.

  4. Guest57231

     i need a neighbour sorting out . for 18 months has made our life h**l . cant do it myself as there is history . need the normal stuff stereo smashing over his head and a warning thats it 

  5. Guest56094

     Way back when I got paid to beat up many.

  6. Guest55913

     I have this guy messing with my sister. I need him dealt with willing to pay.

  7. Guest44999

     I'm in high school. This girl jump and beat me real bad. And she needs to learn. Please help.



  8. Guest33337

     I need someone to take care of my wife's new boyfriend he has been around for 14 months now they split got back together again two weeks ago he his slim I want him warned scared off and never to contact her again and if he does next time he gets done in uk



  9. Guest392

     I have a neighbor I want beat up. I can't touch him because I work at the complex we both live at. Willing to pay 200 cash to have it done. I want it to look like someone was trying to rob him. The cash offer requires that you do all the work. Meaning, you follow him in your car and beat his a*s (cripple him), thanks. I'll await responses before I give out contact info. Oh and save all of the preachy bullshit for the little girls, if your not interested in doing the job then spare me the patronizing and put a sock in it.

  10. Okay, i got messed up by my ex who only spent a couple days in jail now he's out. I want someone to teach him a serious lesson.  PLEASE no fake stuff or replies. PLEASE email me @

  11.  I'm a senior in High School and my abusive ex boyfriend stole my card and took the money off of it, and I need help. Please. Seriously.

  12.  I need a abusive stalking husband fucked up anyone interested in some good money?

  13. hi, im a girl in highschool and was jumped by a boy in the caffeteria after he spit in my face. im terrified of this kid now. I need someone to send a message so he knows not to do it again. im living in fear. please help :(

  14. Meditate and calm down...

  15. serious replies only.


  16. Oh me, oh my. You Americans are just SO lacking in brain cells. I tell you what - kill each other then the world will be a better place

  17. I think your nothing but a complete and total pack of dumb, spoiled, little retarded, w***e, s***s who pick the wrong jerkoff guys who s**t all over you time and time again and your just too f*****g stupid to figure it out till it's already too late, than you get mad like a f*****g tremendous cry-baby and carry a huge chip on your shoulders, and wantthe dog whipped by someone else cause you cant do it yourself cause your just way too weak, ignorant, illiterate and inbred! if you knew how to speal, speak and carried yourself with one iota of class and dignity you might get a real good man! As for the p***y whimp boys who ask for a bully on here to do their dirty work for them, you probably deserve whatever the f**k your f****t a*s gets handed! I would kick your a*s twenty times over for not being man enough to stand the f**k up for yourself! Also "Hiring" ANYONE to beat up ANYONE else makes YOU just as guilty as the a*****e who was dumb enough to beat somebody up for your p***y a*s, your responsible and accountable and would be held as such, and if your bully gets caught and they squeal like a rat, which 99.9% of people ARE f*****g rats, than YOU will do some serious jail time and since your a p***y in the streets than you would just be a bigger b***h in the slammer and get your f****t a*s reamed 90 times more than a .5cent asian hooker!.. stupid f***s!, learn how to spell, type and structure a complete meaningful sentence!

  18. you puss fight him u g*y b***h or ill kill you ten blast in the head im going to kill u u p***y

  19. Contact me at

    consider it done

  20.  i want my boy friend beaten up i no you must think is she mad well he is making me mad i do everything for him and he don't, even when am with family why am with them and what am i doing every 20min what you doing that how bad it is

  21. Have the person jumped by friends like I did. worked out great :)

  22. contact me at....  

  23. contact me at....  

  24. go to
    scare em to death hire a real bad guy. thier only actors but they scare people.
    our boss hired them for a training day on how to deal with robbers.
    they scared me to bits.

  25. ME

  26. where can i hire some one to beat some one up for me who its woman and a buses them

  27. I want someone beat up too.

  28. hello i have someone i need beaten up and made to stay away from my wife and i also wish to have is phone send to me

  29. What you're asking for can be achieved.

    It will likely cost you and should the individual(s) be caught, it will leave you vulnerable.

    If they aren't, you're the one sitting pretty.

    You likely know someone who associates with the wrong side of the law (petty theft, vandalism, drug trafficking etc etc).

    The deeper you go into the circle, the sooner you'll find someone willing to assist.

  30. the law doesn't work and sometimes we are left with scars made by someone who is "sitting pretty." Not right, not fair, and my patience is running out on "waiting on the Lord" and "vengeance is mine says the Lord." This person has left too many scars, too many hurts...........I cannot believe what he has done or gotten away with!!!!!!

  31. i dun think that it is feasible in singapore, as singapore is strictly governed by the legislation. Therefore, if there is any intention of committing a crime, the hirer will also be liable for the same offense being imposed on the latter.
    The mere thought of it which is know as the actus reus, is the action of commiting the offense, thus mens rea is bearing the intention to commit the crime, however if these two elements are being present, the hirer would be charged with the intention to cause harm to someone.

    IF you do have any grievance against the person, i would suggest that you leave the matter to the law enforcers to handle. I believe that the law is fair, thus the person will receive his just dessert soon.

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