UNC’s Ryan Houston cleared for game against Virginia

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UNC’s Houston cleared for game against Virginia
University of North Carolina tailback Ryan Houston has been cleared to play this weekend against the Virginia Cavaliers.
Houston was one of the 13 players forced out of the first game of the season due to the ongoing NCAA probe into the University. The investigation is attempting to determine which players received improper
benefits from professional agents during the summer. Houston himself was forced to miss the first five games of the season while the school and the NCAA reviewed his eligibility.
At the same time the NCAA suspended star defensive tackle Robert Quinn for the remainder of the season after it was revealed that he received $5,600 in improper benefits. The gifts received by Quinn included
travel and hotel accommodations and two black diamond watches. Quinn, who was one of the nation’s top National Football League prospects, apologized to teammates and fans for his infraction.  
In addition, the NCAA also suspended receiver Greg Little, who is said to have also received improper benefits from agents. Moreover, North Carolina kicked star prospect Marvin Austin off the team for
similar charges.
Currently the Tar Heels have five players suspended, three players who have been reinstated and five players who are still waiting the find out their eligibility. This ongoing investigation has crippled
the Tar Heels club as they currently sit at 3-2 with a 1-1 record against Atlantic Coast Conference opponents. UNC started the season ranked 18th in the nation and has quickly fallen out of the rankings, receiving no votes for the AP Top 25 over
the past two weeks.
Houston is a senior, who led the team in rushing last season with 713 yards and nine touchdowns. His return to the Tar Heels backfield should help to spur the nation’s 89th ranked rushing offence.
The Tar Heels will visit Virginia on Saturday 16 October for their week seven engagement.  



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