Smartwool vs Silk clothing

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  1. Currently the clothes are often made with synthetic fibers woven in order to mimic the natural products. Another reason is that fabrics come from different sources, for instances animals, plants, minerals or artificial processes. According to the sources the quality of clothes is categorized into two basic categories: natural and synthetic. It is good to know about the stuff of the fabrics. Natural clothes are those clothes made of fabrics from material that produced in nature, such as wools, hair, fur or silk from animals, or threads made from plants like cotton and hemp. Leather is also placed in s natural fabric, while on the same time the Synthetic clothes are those clothes which created from fabric that is the result of a chemical procedure. On the result synthetic polymers are woven into fibers which are then utilized for weaving of the synthetic cloth. Clothing made from these stuff are usually nylon stockings and spandex shorts.

    One of the notable differences between the two types of clothing is the fabric durability that how long the stuff of the fabric wills lasts. Unless the natural clothing is applied with some type of preservative, it will disintegrate and decompose over many years. On the same time synthetic clothes tend to last longer. The synthetic clothes are relatively more flammable as compared to the natural clothes. Both types of clothes burn, but the rate of burn largely depends on the density of the clothing, however a synthetic material like acrylic, , will burn faster as compared to wool. Additionally, synthetic clothing may melt and meld to the wearer, which can cause more damage than the flames alone.


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