Neurorumores how to get people to believe false information

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Neurorumores how to get people to believe false information?

This little joke shows that it does not take Orson Welles to get people to believe false information, simply scatter the same information in different websites leveraging what neuroscience calls " source amnesia " ( the typical " I do not know where to read that... ") and the ability of social networks, like neural, noise propagate and spread uncontrollably.

And it is also plausible: it would be just yet another sickly label thinspiration phenomenon, which is a merger of the words in English thin and inspiration, "thin" and " inspiration."

The bikini bridge, a term that at least since 2009, is something that women have very thin and therefore unhealthy aspiration million other females would like to see in their anatomy. As the thigh gap ("gap between the thighs") that have some celebrities, that caused a furor in 2013, to the point that, in a well known London cosmetic clinic, increased by 240 % demand an intervention that removes fat of the inner thighs. Or as the hotdog legs ("sausage legs"), one of the memes star last summer, only photos of the autorretratada thighs, thin and uniform as they may seem are sausages. Or as Belfie, ie a selfie rear or bum in English (although, unlike the previous ones, is not unique to the excessively thin women, as shown by the dramatic curves of Kim Kardashian at best Belfie history).

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