Nestle Pure Life water SOMETIMES has weird taste?

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Howdy, I drink Nestle pure life water, and I think it tastes good. But sometimes I get an odd bottle that tastes horrible, I don't know how to explain the taste, but it tastes terrible.

Has anyone else noticed this disgusting taste? And does anyone know what this taste is?

Thanks in advance




  1. Guest58925

     YUCK! Picked up a case of nestle purelife water.  I am absolutely disgusted with the salt taste and the salty aftertaste it left in my mouth.  Gawd..puddle water probably tastes better!

  2. Guest34481

     Only some bottles have a a weird..sort of like a flour tortilla taste but more weirdly fragrant. It's repulsive because it's like drinking added fragrance. WHAT IS THIS NESTLE?? I remember when Nestle water used to taste/feel kind of gloopy and thick for water. Never want to buy their bottled water again. 

  3. Guest32695

     Wow I'm tasting the same thing,guess theyve made enough money now they can just mix us up anything ..


  4. A few of you complained about it tasting weird after its been froze, thats because it effects the compounds in the bottle.


    Plus it just tastes like s**t besides but that makes it even worse.


  5. Very bad taste!!! I left a couple of cases in my car overnight and they froze.  When they thawed out they were very salty!!  I could actually see the salt in bottle.  Never again.  Maybe that's why they are always on sale!?!

  6. It's all the chemicals/minerals that they add to the water.  We live in a world where its so hard to find anything in the true natural form.  Like, why is there calcium in water?  If I want calcium, I will drink milk.  It bothers me because i am a picky water drinker and i cant find pure water.  I wish I had a  spring that I can bottle myself. GRRRRRRR.....

  7. We just had a whole batch that tasted like pure salt water.  It was disgusting!   The ones that were salty had all frozen in our garage and then thawed. Not sure if it has something to do with that, but I couldn't believe how salty it tasted.

  8. We just received the water system with the dispenser and our water taste like plastic and rust.  I'd rather drink the tap, but still want to get it tested who should I call?


    it is so awful, my tap water in vancouver in 10000% better tasting.

    i kinda consider myself a water connoisseur so if you want my opinion on the best bottled water, its called Ice Age..its in a blue bottle. try it

  10. Yes, sometimes I get a weird tasting one.......don't think that its stale, just that the mix swasn't quite right when they bottled it.

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