Military Issue External Frame Backpack

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Military Issue External Frame Backpack

To my liking, I was recently given a military issue external frame backpack (not US, I think it's Swiss).  brand new, well, It is new but an old style.  It does not have padded straps, a sternum strap, or a waist belt.  It does have a suspension system and a lot of versatility, so I would like to upgrade these few things.  Is it possible to fit it with any general straps sold, or perhaps Kelty straps?  If so, where would I find these?  I really like the pack and this is the only thing I can not figure out on my own.  Thanks for any help!

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  1. Military Backpacks continue to change and modified with the passage of time. The Alice Pack was the original one that is a modification of an external frame pack and actually evolved from the Bergen rucksacks of WW2. The Alice packs are still in used but military backpacks now range from variations of the CFP 90's that were introduced in the 90's along with several changes. Travelers can carry new heavy weight 1000 Denier Cordura Alice Military backpacks with or without frames. There is some more option in this range for instance German and other European canvas military backpacks. Alice Packs and Parts have some more options like Medium Alice Pack, Large Alice Pack, Alice Pack Frame, Alice Pack Straps and Kidney Pads for Alice Packs. There are many benefits of using external framed backpacks, for instance: these are able to carry heavy loads without any sagging and it will permit to place heavy items up higher for a higher center of gravity, which allows you to walk in the upright direction on the mountains. The strong frame enables for load transfer to hips and minimizes strain on hiker shoulders and back. The military backpacks frame allows for space between back and pack.  This enables for some air circulation and dryer and cooler back. External packs usually have more outer pockets and compartments than internals enabling users to pack things so that they are easier to find, easily assessable or to permit users to separate items such as fuel and food or wet tarps and dry clothes.


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