Michael Phelps predicts record-breaking performances at the upcoming FINA World Championships

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Michael Phelps predicts record-breaking performances at the upcoming FINA World Championships
The 14-time Olympic champion, Michael Phelps, gave a stunning prediction on the upcoming FINA World Championships as he said that records will be crushed regardless of the use of Supersuits by swimmers. The event is set to take place in Shanghai, China,
from July 16-31.
He further expressed that such high-tech suits were initially launched at the 2009 World Championships in Rome, where they produced a staggering 43 world records.
Moreover, he said that the non-appearance of the high-tech suits will not put any kind of pressure on the individual performances of world-class swimmers at the 2011 World Championships, this month. He added that all swimmers needed work on their individual
swimming techniques, to produce immaculate performances in the event.
Phelps stated, “I think they (records) definitely will (be broken). You see people doing stuff both now in and out of the pool, preparing themselves better to work on the small things that do make a big difference.”
He claimed that everyone needs to be completely fit, both physically and mentally in the event. Phelps strongly predicted that he has no doubt that world records will be broken and the entire event will be really interesting throughout the month.
Michael asserted, “Everyone says records were made to be broken and there are a lot of hungry people out there and there are a lot of people swimming faster than they did in the suit.”
Phelps will take part in four pivotal swimming events in China. The meets will consist of the Men’s 100m and 200m butterfly, 200m freestyle and the 200m Individual Medley events.
Phelps won five gold medals in the Men’s 100m and 200m butterfly, 4x100m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle and 4x100m Individual Medley events at the 2009 World Championships, in Rome. In addition, he also won one silver medal in the Men’s 200m freestyle, at the
corresponding championship.
Keeping in view the form swimmers have depicted in the earlier swimming meets of this year, it is pretty much evident that they will definitely perform well in the event.



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