Life Insurance for my father.?

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My father is 45 years old and is the only one who works, my mother is one of those "stay-at-home moms". However, he doesn't have life insurance and feel that he needs it because if something happens to him, then we would be out on the streets. The only problem is he doesn't have that great of health.. he has some heart problems, and smokes and drinks to excess. How could he even qualify for it? Anyone who knows life insurance pleace help.




  1. In addition to the above, he needs to get some for your mother as well.

    Just because she has no income, doesn't mean she isn't contributing financially.  To replace her (money wise) would require roughly $30- $40k per year, if not more.  Daycare for any young ones, cooking, cleaning, etc.

    He could qualify for some coverage, just don't know how much.  He might get stuck with a small policy until his condition improves.

  2. He should contact a few different life insurance brokers.  "Heart problems" isn't specific, and he may have liver function problems from the drinking, so expect a knowledgeable broker to ask enough questions to place his risk with the right company.

  3. Well, it's all about the odds.  The unhealthier and older he is, the more it costs.

    He's not going to know what the price is for him, until/unless he goes to talk to a few local agents and fills out some applications.

  4. There are companies that issue policies with non-medical underwriting. I know of companies that will cover someone after triple bipass heart surgery (but not quadruple) Companies to check, in order, would be Mutual of Omaha, OldMutual, then Presidential

  5. do they offer group insurance where he works? usually at most some simplified underwriting, would pay extra for beign a smoker.

  6. just go here fill it in and hope for the best. The service is free and there's no obligation so you might as well try it.

    Tell him this is time to give up smoking! Tell him to chew nicorette instead of smoking, he still gets the nicotine and his heart gets a break from pumping CO2 around. It does work because HE STILL GETS THE NICOTINE. Trust me I was there it saved my life. Get it into him.

  7. He needs to contact an insurance agent and see what's available.  He'll probably have to take an insurance physical exam before he knows if he'll be accepted and what the premiums will be.  Level term insurance is the best bet.

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