Kate Moss Top headline stories

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Kate Moss Top headline stories.

We present some of the most surprising news that starred in the model. Just turned 40 continues on the crest of the media wave

It has been over a quarter century since Sarah Doukas of Storm model agency, discovered at JFK airport in New York and since then the name Kate Moss has not stopped ringing all over the world. Not only she has starred in advertising campaigns for major fashion brands on the planet but also her social and personal life manages to capture the attention of the public as a television series in question. Since mythologized relationship with Johnny Depp in the early 90s until her wedding to Jamie Hince ( and Galliano dress ) in 2011, through the nightmarish engagement to Pete Doherty, their link with drugs or her statements on thinness : anything related to the model is likely to generate a good headline.

On January 16 she is 40 years old and although her life has gradually moderating but she is still followed by the masses. Obviously, not every story that has been published about the British diva has been relevant, truthful or even interesting. Aware of the media pull Kate Moss has, the media have squeezed her name seeking to capture the interest of her audience on every chance they got.

What are some of the best headline stories about Kate Moss? Please help me put together a list. I’ll start with this one.

- A tennis ball with cigarettes. The personal assistant of the model made in 2009 a British newspaper unpayable Britain told the Daily Express in which he explained his boss 's obsession with snuff. According to the source, Kate Moss needs about 100 cigarettes scattered at her house as well as two bottles of champagne and two of vodka in the fridge. In addition, the worker described a " tennis ball with holes for cigarettes, making kate’s Kate's home a smoker's dream.

The guests at the home of the model always have a restocked of nicotine.

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