What do you think of Jeanne Carmen?

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What do you think of Jeanne Carmen?  Was she a good friend of MM and do you think she was knowledgeable about her death.  I have heard her interviewed many times and she always says the same thing.  She indicates there is a story to be told involving Johnny Roselli, the mobster, yet she does not go in to further detail.  She also seems to know information about MM and RFK.  What do you think and why have these avenues of information not been further investigated?

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  1. Trick shot golfer, Hollywood party girl, Marilyn Monroe pal, kiss-and-tell autobiographer; JEANNE CARMEN is all this and more. In the early 1950's, Carmen took the road often traveled by glamour gals. She competed and won several beauty contest and then tried to parlay that into an acting career. Her first stop was New York, and then it was off to Hollywood. Along the way, she became a favorite of the cheesecake crowd first as a brunette and then later as you classic blonde bombshell. At the age of 18, she was taught to be a trick golfer by tirck shot master Jack Redmond. This was all a gimmick done just to sell women's golf wear, but it wound up being Carmen's passkey into the world of the Hollywood's elite.  
         At the Actor's Studio she met up with fellow glamour gal Marilyn Monroe. This friendship last until Monroe's death and included enough juicy escapades to fill page after page in Carmen's tell-all book "JEANNE CARMEN: MY WILD, WILD LIFE AS A NEW YORK PIN UP QUEEN, TRICK-SHOT GOLFER & HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS" And those celebrities, according to Carmen, included JFK, RFK, Elvis, Sinatra, and Bob Hope, just to name a few.

  2. Born Lavern Carmen on August 4th 1930, in the town of Paragould Arkansas. JEANNE CARMEN lived and breathed the life that you could only be dreamed up in a Hollywood screenplay. A story with gangsters, movie stars, trick shot golfers, and Elvis!  Paging through this script you will find tales of titillation and trauma, horror and hilarity

    Yeah ...  she walked it and talked it. That's Jeanne Carmen in a nutshell Brash and Brazen. I feel honored to have met her and her son Brandon who shared much with me. These tales and images of Jeanne helped get my site off the ground many years ago.
    thank you, Ric

  3. Mini Biography
    Jeanne Carmen spent her early childhood in Arkansas with her family picking cotton. At age 13 she ran a way from home, eventually landing in New York City and taking a role as a dancer in an off-Broadway touring company. The early fifties found Jeanne in Las Vegas, in the company of the likes of mobster Johnny Roselli. Jeanne discovered she had a natural talent for the game of golf and made great hay and much money hustling on the links. In the early 50s Jeanne turned her back on the game of golf and went to Hollywood, where she was often in the company of some of that towns most notable swingers, Elvis, Sinatra and many others. she also maintained a close relationship with Marilyn Monroe. Jeanne never made it into the "big" movies but appeared in many of the "B" pictures, and was quite an item at the celebraty parties. After the death of her close friend Monroe, Carmen dropped out of sight and resided in Arizona.

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  4. JEANNE CARMEN was a popular 1950’s pinup girl and actress who hobnobbed with the likes of FRANK SINATRA and MARILYN MONROE has died at age 77.

    The legendary “little country girl” ran away at age 13 and landed in New York where she got a job as a dancer in a Broadway show called Burlesque. She later went into modeling where she gained popularity in cheesecake photos featured in men’s magazines.

    She reinvented her career in later life and became a trick golfer. She followed the men’s golf tour and performed trick shots, including hitting a golf ball out of a man’s mouth. She also claimed to have been involved in hustling golfers with Las Vegas mobster JOHNNY ROSSELLI

    JEANNE CARMEN died at her Orange County, California home. She is survived by one son and two daughters.

    We’ve included additional pictures. [click link below]


    The Independent - London

    Movie pin-up and friend to stars

    Pin-up girl, B-movie actress, trick-shot golfer, friend and girlfriend of the stars - Jeanne Carmen was all of these things in the New York, Hollywood and Las Vegas of the Fifties and early Sixties. Carmen appeared with Eddie Cochran in the teen- exploitation film Untamed Youth in 1957, and inspired the rock'n'roller to cover "Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie".

    She then vanished from public view to raise a family in Arizona but over the last 20 years had parlayed her associations with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and the Kennedys into recurrent appearances on TV

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