How easy is the Life of a rancher

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How easy is the Life of a rancher? This poem is about what a rancher does and how the life goes by. Feel free to contribute.

Folks think a ranchers life is easy
It's just sitting on his horse
Riding range, roping, branding
That is a lot of fun, of course

But that is not exactly so
Some jobs you learn to hate
Like fighting off mosquitos
When it's time to irrigate

Tromping through the gumbo
To make the waters flow
But when It is all done
Makes your hayfield grow

Then it's time up put up hay
Cut it, rake it, put it in a pile
That is hot dusty, dirty work
Fighting skeeters all the while

Now get on your horse
To gather cattle in the fall
That only takes one day
Now you have hay to haul

Go to town and see your banker
Try to ease away his fears
All we need is ninety bucks
For those sixty dollar steers

Oh did I mention fixing fence
With a load of posts and wire
Makes you wish, you had money
For a hand that you could hire

Now pull those long johns on s
Get out of the nice warm house
It's winter now and thirty below
You have got to feed the cows

These are things that I have done
I guess I hold these things dear
Cause i got to ride my horse
Maybe, ten twelve times a year

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