How do I become a Navy surface warfare officer?

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I am taking online classes in criminal justice through Everest Online with 2 and half years to go. At first I wanted to become a police officer, but I realized thats not really what I want. I want to travel and see the world and meet people, and the Navy gives me that opportunity. I want to one day be able to captain the largest and best ships the Navy has to offer. I am almost 25 in the age department. I heard how competitive Navy OCS is, and I was wonder if there was any other way to become a Naval Officer because it is something I can really see myself doing. Should I go enlisted and then apply for the seaman to admiral program? How selective is it? Basically I know all the ways to get in, I just am unsure which way is best at my age. I would have loved to get in the Naval Academy, but I really didn't take high school too serious and I'm already past the age limit. Any suggestions?




  1. your online school may not be sufficient to get you into OCS.  depends on your GPA, the accreditation of the school and whether or not the Navy accepts it as a viable educational institution( not all online schools~ even accredited ones qualify)

    also the degree..well, it's a dime a gross now and not all that well sought after.  basically..a 3.2 in Engineering beats out a 4.0 in Criminal Justice.  

    oh, and the 0nly way you get to be the CO of a Carrier:  you must be an Aviator who has also gone through the Nuke Pipeline.  you are too far behind the curve at this point to even have a shot.  

    STA-21 is probably a viable option, so long as you accept the possibility of having to change Majors.  

  2. The STA 21 program is a good way of going officer but I'm not sure if that would be the best way for you to go.  Once your enlisted, you will be rolling the dice to get picked up as an officer.  Not sure if it is worth the risk.  I would find the nearest college with an ROTC program.  Talk to the commanding officer (if they are called that, I was never in ROTC) and have he/she give you their opinion.  I would think completing your degree then applying for a commission would be your best chance.

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