How did a dictatorship in Chile change the face of a nation

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How did a dictatorship in Chile change the face of a nation.  ON 11 SEPTEMBER 1973 , ONE OF THE MOST DICTATORSHIPS bloody INSTALLED IN CHILE TO CHANGE THE FACE OF A NATION AND THE HISTORY OF A CONTINENTGrowing test gets the shock and chronic thirteen renowned storytellers and journalists to showcase the unresolved conflicts that cut the flesh to the bone in Latin America. Half of the last forty years, Latin America hosted dastardly governments and collected football world crisis . By the time the chess tables of the Cold War is over, Latin America had crossed ruthless dictatorships , survived an additional decade of economic upheaval and bought the discoveries of economic liberalization that brought the neoliberal Melquiades .These stories they embark on a journey from south to north by large and small defeats and victories , and the decisive conflicts that mark the lives of millions of people. On this page discover the reason for Latin America today : many times, the story you share can change someones world. Please add all you know about how dictatorship changed Chile so others can learn about it from us.

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