How can you email cheryl cole?

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How can you email cheryl cole?




  1. hi cheryl , i just want to tell you  that  you are  my favorite girl ever ...  i ve got your  name on my hand ::))  tatooo ....   i now you  migt not read this but  thats fine ,  i love  you  and joe mcelderry 

  2. hi cheryl my name is ryan im at collage and been aked to right to our favorite celeb and i chose you so please could u email me so i can finish this task my email is :) xx

  3. Hi im called Ellen MacDonald my email is please please email me

  4. cheryl i listen to your music every day and my cousins friend is friends with your brother

  5. haha my mum noose sum 1 who noose her and ot her proper email


  6. cheryl :') omg if this is actualy you, please please contact me on  i am one of your biggest fans i know people always say this but i am actualy in love with you, and i just want a chance to speak to you and tell you, your amazing at everything you do, singing,dancing,modling,judging,and just being yourself, i love everything about you, please cheryl you everything to me just please try and contact me, iloveyou <3

  7. cheryl cole i think your amazing and a true hero your so real not like other famouse people who are so fake and just think of there self  i would love to meet you you are my role model love you xx please contact me on your make my dreams c*m true .

  8. cheryl cole, your incredable, succesfull, amazingly beautifull and very clever, i dont really thinc you could ever be at your worst because no matter what you always be amazin in my eyes ;) i might just be a fan but i can be very helpfull if you  need a shoulder or some one to chat to. You can contact me on my hotmail just asc :) please try and get intouch because i wud have a HUGE smile on me face  :D :D tah x

  9. heey everyone....

    i no u all ove cheryl cole... she is my mums friend theyh met in skl and cheryl really appreciates all the love mail and luvs all her fan deeply... im sorry but i cant give u any of her personal information but if you email me at i will promise to show her the message....


  10. Hi when will Girls Aloud get together??? I LOVE Girls aloud. Plz come back. If u do u need to hurry coz so far The Saturdays will be the top biggest girl band in the UK!

  11. hi cheryl would it be ok if i can email you on facebook as a friend thats if you dont mind then we can have a good chat if that makes sence THANK


  12.  hey! im abie and i (L) cheryl cole! she is amazin and me and my bf were able 2 sit in her car!!!!!(l) U CHERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. hiya cheryl i love you u have promise this out wich is amazing and u are so so so pretty i love cher lloyd on x factor and rebecca ferguson xxxxxxxxxx

  14.  dear cheryl cole i am ure biggest fan in the whole entire world i love u lots i really really want to meet u can u come and do sighnings in the uk in basingstoke or even readig i really want to meet u thank u byeeee

  15. Hi Cheryl,

                  you are the best singer in the world.  I always listen to your music on youtube. I would love to meet you


  16. I Know Her Adress Because I Live Near Her. I Wouldn't Tell Anyone Though!! Maybe E-mail Me And Ill Pass It On (


  18. I do not have Cheryl's email but I have her personal home address....unfortunately like anyone in the world, I will never pass this address on to anyone, but I would be more than happy send her mail for you. You can email me at


  20. well when the x factor comes back on we can phone up and vote and also ask for her email dress

  21. sheryl crow is a completley different person from cheryl cole!!

  22. i have got this
    Cheryl Cole (Polydor Records)
    364-366 Kensington High Street
    W14 8NS
    if it helps

  23. hello cheryl i luv u


  25. well i don,t know i really would like to talk to her


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