Hey guys, latetly, i've been wanting to steal my friend's sister's bras and panties.?

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me and my friend have known each other for several years and i usually come to his house to play video games. his sister, who i've always known for quite a while, is a good friend of mine..however, i have this fetish for bras and panties that i try to disclose from friends.lately, my friend's sister (claire), usually has her underwear drawer half open when she's not home, and that usually arouses me so much, i get huge tendencies of just grabbing one bra or pair panties and just taking them home..i know it's wrong, i really want to fix this..i've actually snuck in her room and softly touched some of her bras..yet i felt these mix of emotions, primarily guilt..i don't want to do hurt my friend but i just can't help myself..




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     My sister is 15 and a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers with plastic panties over them to bed every night.I like to take a pair of her plastic panties and m********e in them,then put them back under the pile of her other plastic panties! 

  2. I meant to say it was my best friend's little sister's knickers I used to steal ' I had 9 or 10 of them

  3. i've taken my best friend's knickers from her drawer ,and not felt guilty about it , but she was 11 and I was 13 at the time .

  4.  dude you are my hero

  5. i with u but its wrong  so just sniff an put back

  6. i am 9 years old and  i were bras  and  just do it if  u want to cuz  i got my first bra by taking it from my best friend and we all had a sleep over and her room was a mess so i took the bra put it in my bag and took it home and my dad thought it was handy downs from my cousin so i kept it  and now i were them so just go on a sleep over and wait till they go to the bathroom and then go and take as many as  u want

  7. Well, don't freak out, get it and keep it in good hiding, it's no big deal. Dont ever tell anybody about it and everything will be fine.

  8. i wanna steal my best friends sisters underwear, c*m in em and put em back mwuhuhuhuhuhhuuhuhu!!!! :)

  9. I know how you feel dude. I have fantasy's of my girlfriends sister and recently I couldn't help myself I waited until nobody was arund and stole a pair of her underwear...I can't stop smelling them they smell so nice and I want to get more...I know it's wrong but like you said, I get a rush and I get guilty

  10. Just return the Bras & Panties when you are done with them
    One of my friends Stole all his mums and sisters and then he stole every ones on the block and he sent to jailbecause a police womens house he got caughtand little did he know that he also stole a juges Bras & Panties

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