99 Good ideas to the lose weight

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99 Good ideas to the lose weight. I would like to lose weight 5 kg! does anyone know good tips or some diets? Would be nice :) i thought it would be nice to have as many ideas as possible and then divide them into a daily idea list that i can use. This way i won't get bored and would make it easy to stick to the plan. Ideas should include all sorts of things such as:
what to eat
food for the morning, afternoon and night
how to sleep
what to drink
what exercises work best at what time of the day.

My tip one is, i was told not to eat carbs late at night
you all are welcome to add as many weight loss ideas as possible

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  1. Tina Marshal

    Idea number one for losing weight : Drink Hot Water.

    Losing weight is not  as hard as people make it sound.  Since we as a community are only adding one tip at a time. I will follow the rules.  My tip to lose weight is to drink at least 4 cups of hot water a day.  Schedule these cups of hot water throughout the day as follow:

    First cup when you get up in the morning

    Second cup around 11am

    Third cup of hot water should be around 5pm

    The fourth cup you should drink at about 1-3 hours after the dinner.

    How does hot water make you lose weight and What does it do to your body?  The main thing a cup of really hot water does is to get your mouth and stomach busy with something other than the craving of food, sweets and junk.  While you are sipping the hot water, body is busy trying to cope with it. Since it can only do one thing at a time, crave or cope – others things will be put on hold.  Also since the water is hot, your body has to burn calories to bring the temperature of the water close to the PH level in your body.   Try it and see, it will work wonders for you.  


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