Fitspo vs thinspo

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Fitspo vs thinspo

Would it be possible to make a viral so sickly as bikini bridge that alluded to some part of the male anatomy, as the Telegraph complaint feminist writer Radhika Sanghani?

Is there something like fashion thigh gap threatening the health of men? In networks struggle to find male hints hunger challenge : if the pressure is directed to do exercise for sixpack abs. The compulsion to make sport is also aimed at women: called fitspiration and, a priori, has more positive connotations, although some specialists in eating disorders do not see big differences between fitspo and thinspo, both are forms of glamorizing thinness and body reify.

To emphasize the difference, Antonia Eriksson, a Swedish Young has created a fitspo account in Instagram account in which its evolution from her hospital admission for anorexia until full recovery by psychological treatment, food and conscious healthy sport. "The thinspo accounts affected me when I was sick and when I started my recovery, I left full. They are made to make the girls feel very wrong with your body. These accounts I ' helped ' almost starve me and ill, "writes Eriksson, who is now dedicated to posting pictures of their recovery, " but I do not quite care about my body, but my progress. No talk of calories, but the amount of energy I now have."

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