Did people use regular diapers for older kids that wet the bed before Goodnites and Underjams?

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If so, was it really weird for an older kid to wear the regular diapers that toddlers wear?




  1. Guest59488

     We have a new adopted daughter who just turned 15 three weeks ago and when we got her 4 months ago,we put her into cloth diapers and rubberpants 24/7 for her bedwetting and daytime accidents.We bought 5 dozen adult size cloth diapers and diaper pins and 4 dozen pairs of the rubberpants also in adult size in pastel colors and babyprints.She has diaper changes when she is wet and before bed time,i put a diaper doubler in her diaper before i pin it on her for extra absorbancy.She is okay with wearing the cloth diapers and rubberpants and sometimes acts like a baby.For her baptism and christening a month ago,we did her in the traditional white baptism/christening gown with the matching bonnet,white rhumba tights with pink ruffles over her cloth diaper and rubberpants and white shoes.

  2. Guest59199

    1.  Yes. I wore cloth diapers and rubber pants under my pajama bottoms fore time. I was 15 when I no longer "had" to wear them at night. It was, after i was 15 it was "your choice". I still wet the bed at night so the choie was to wear them

  3. Guest59057

     They sure did. I was born in the late 60's and I was around 5 when I started wetting at night.  We still had all the cloth diapering items so it was only a matter of getting larger diapers and plastic pants as I grew.  Each night was the same routine...after I got out of the tub I'd head to my room where my changing pad would be on my bed.  I'd lie down on it, and after "lift up" my diapers were placed underneath me, lots of powder (never will forget that smell) then pinned on.  Mom would always shake a pair of plastic pants out then hold them so I could put my feet in the holes while on my back.   I didn't like the mornings when I got out of bed with a soaked nappy...always felt like a baby with a soggy diaper hanging down! And then the opposite routine... down on the change pad, diapers removed, cleaned up with a wet cloth. 

  4. Guest58907

    I went thru 8th grade catholic confirmation at 14 in 1972 and all the girls in my class had to wear white,floor length,short sleeve dresses with a veil,white teeshirts,regular cloth diapers,toddler or super large size rubberpants under white tights and the white mary jane shoes.Most of the girls,including me,wore the Playtex toddler extra large size rubberpants as they were quite big and were very stretchy.The rubberpants had to completely cover our diapers and the tights had to be high waist to cover them completely.It was different being 14 and all of us girls having to wear the diapers and rubberpants under our tights! 

  5. Guest58886

     Yes,the largest cloth baby diapers,pins and the super large size rubberpants were worn and back then it was worse for us older kids! Being a bedwetting teenager and having to wear the cloth baby diapers and the rubberpants to bed every night was somewhat depressing.There was just me and my sister,2 years younger,in our family and no brothers.For some oddball reason,i started bedwetting at 14 and was put into the cloth diapers and rubberpants right away.At bedtime,sis,who was 12,would help mom pin the diapers on me,then mom would pull the rubberpants up my legs and over the diapers.The rubberpants fit snug and often left a red ring around my leg joints from the elastic leg openings.About a month later,mom and dad decided that rather than have one of us in diapers and the other not,they told sis that she was going to start wear the diapers and rubberpants to bed also,even tho she wasnt a wetter yet.So mom got more cloth diapers and the super large size rubberpants and at bedtime both of us laid side by side and mom put them on us.My bedwetting lasted untill just before my sweet 16 birthday and i stopped,Sis was wetting the bed also and she contined wearing the diapers and rubberpants till she was around 15 and a half.We both knew a couple of other girls who were bedwetters and also wore the diapers and rubberpants,so we werent the only ones.

  6. Guest58755

     Yes,the cloth diapers and rubberpants were about all that the bedwetting kids could wear back in the 50s,60, and 70s! The rubberpants manufacturers made their pants in super large sizes to fit older kids and teen agers who were bedwetters.As a guy,i had a friend who was a bedwetter and he wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed at night and we never teased him and he was a good friend!I lucked out and never wet the bed,but my two sisters did and both started around age 12 and wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night.Our mom used the largest size cloth baby diapers on them with diaper pins and baby powder and they wore the extra large-super size rubberpants over the diapers.They each had a draw full of the cloth diapers and rubberpants and during the summer,they both would wear just a tee shirt with their diapers and rubberpants.When they both became teenagers,they would have friends sleep over and the friends would wear the diapers and rubberpants also.Their bedwetting lasted until they were past 15 and they got rid of the diapers and rubberpants.

  7. Guest58564

     I grew up in the 60s and 70s and the cloth diapers and rubberpants were very common back then! I remember going to slumber partieswhen i was 14 to 16 and all of the girls attending brought cloth diapers and rubberpants to wear at the party and sleep in.We would all put the diapers and rubberpants on early in the evening and wear a baby doll top or tee shirt and we would run around and be silly! several of the slumber parties i went to the cloth diapers and rubberpants were the norm and i remember a few girls splitting out the side seams on their rubberpants and they would take them off and there was always extra pairs there and they would put another pair on.The cloth diapers and rubberpants were also worn under our first communion dresses and under our poofy white confirmation dresses as well as for easter ,christmas and weddings.

  8. Guest58296

     Colth diapers and plastic pants were worn by bedweters in our family and there were 4 of us.  3 cousins and myself.  Vacations, holidays at someones house meant that we were in diapers before getting into bed.  Mornings usually all 4 of us were wet and the diapers and plastic pants had done their work and our beds pj's and nightgowns were dry.  We showered and dressed and went about our day.  The next afternoon double diapers, pins and plastic pants would appear on our beds for us to wear that night.  Pretty normal in our family.

  9. Guest58076

     Yes,me and my sister were a little over a year apart and when we went thru puberty we both became bedwetters.I started wetting the bed at age 12 and mom put me into regular cloth baby diapers and toddler large size rubberpants.Then when sis turned 12,she started wetting the bed also and mom did the diapers and rubberpants on her as well.We each had a drawer in our dressers with just our diapers,rubberpants,pins,baby powder,diaper rash ointment in it.Every night at bedtime,sis and i laid side by side on my bed and mom would slide the cloth diapers under us,apply the baby powder,bring the diapers up and pin them.then put the rubberpants on over the diapers.We each had a couple of pairs of rubberpants with ruffles across the back that we wore for easter and christmas.My bedwetting lasted untill i was past 15 and sis stopped before 15 and it was quite weird being teen girls and having to wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed every night!

  10. Guest56623

     I was potty trained early, but it seemed when I was around 5 yrs. old and outside playing, I would wait too long and would end up messing my panties.  My mother got frustrated if not angry because she would have to clean me and my dirty panties, and threatened diapers.  Well it happened, and at around 5 yrrs. of age I was put back in cloth diapers and rubber pants both day and night.  I believe that because of this treatment, my depending on diapers created where I am today wearing and using (wetting & messing) my diapers 24/7.

  11. Guest56387

     Are you fu cking kidding me cant we just dont use diaper and just wash our bed and tell our mom !

  12. Guest56381

     Oh heavens yes! There were four girls in my family-no brothers and and all four of us were bed wetters and wore the cloth pin on diapers and super size rubberpants over them!At any given time there was at least one of us in diapers and rubberpants and to be fair we all wore them to bed even if we werent wetting at the time.two of my sisters started wetting their beds at around 11 and me and my other sister at around 12.Every night at bed time mom would say to us its time to get your diapers and rubberpants on so we would go into a bedroom and lay sise by side and mom would pin the diapers on us first,then put the rubberpants on next right down the line.All four of us went to almost 15,before we stopped bedwetting,and it was real hard being teens and having to wear diapers and rubberpants to bed every night!

  13. Guest56198

     My sister and i are a little over a year apart and when we were growing up our mom used cloth diapers and rubberpants on us for church,holidays,special occasions,etc even tho we didnt have accidents or were bedwetters.We started wearing them after we were potty trained for easter,christmas thanksgiving and then we wore them under our communion dresses when we were 7 and 8 and kept on wearing them for easter,thanksgiving,christmas,almost every sunday to mass, and when we were in weddings.Mom kept telling us that the diapers and rubberpants were to make us feel girly and baby like when we were wearing them.she had us wear them up untill we were 15 or so then she took us out of them.

  14. Guest55831

     There were 3 girls and 1 boy in our family and our parents used the regular cloth baby diapers and toddler or super size rubberpants on us.We had the whole nine yards-diaper pins,baby powder,baby lotion,diaper rash ointment,etc.Me and my two sisters were put into the diapers and rubberpants every night at bed time while we laid side by side on my bed.We had both pastel and baby print rubberpants that we wore as mom thought they were more girly.We each had one drawer in our dressers with just our diapers and rubberpants in it.We were about a year and a half apart,then our brother came along six years later,but he never wet the and my two sisters wet the bed into our teen years and it was weird wearing the diapers and rubberpants as teens.

  15. Guest55829
    They still do today.  I babysit for 4different families to give me some extra money while I'm in college.  One of these families has 2 kids who wet the bed.  A girls age 5 and a boy age 7.  Their mom uses cloth diapers and plastic pants on them for bedtime saying that it is a lot cheaper than buying the disposable bedwetter pants for both of them.  The girl wears her diapers under a nightgown and the boy wears a pajama top with his diapers on.  Both kids are active healthy kids and bedwetting seems to be the only real issue.  So cloth diapers and plastic pants are still being used today.
  16. Guest55779

     Me and my sister grew up in the 50s and 60s and back then the regular cloth diapers and rubberpants werent worn just for bedwetting,but for other occasions as well! Easter was the one main holiday where girls,both p*****n and teen,wore a diaper and rubberpants under their cute easter dresses.Back then,easter bonnets were popular and many girls,me and sis included,wore a diaper and rubberpants under our dresses with our bonnets and either tights or lace anklets and mary jane shoes.Back then,girls also wore the diapers and rubberpants for weddings,baptisms,first communions,confirmation,under christmas dresses,etc.and it wasnt just the younger girls,but teen girls wore them frequently.Back then,it was a period of purity and innocence and the wearing of the diapers and rubberpants by girls made it all the more true.

  17. Guest45305

     Just to add to my last answer, my two brothers came along when I was 8 and then 9. When they got into toddler lge and then Super size baby panties mom had to buy different colors for the three of us. She did manage to find some super size print pants for me " just in case I misbehaved" though. What a scene it was getting everyone changed in the morning and me off to school, usually in the vinyl training pants.

  18. Guest45305

     I was a child of the 50s and remember well mom diapering me in thick cloth diapers and pulling on my plastic or rubber baby pants. i still had occasional day wetting accidents until 8 or 9 so it wasn't uncommon to find myself in terry linedd plastic training pants. night wetting was pretty often, so it was normal to get powdered and have mom fold the thick diapers up between my legs, pin them tight, and slide my playtex super size plastic pants on. All the neighbors had infants or toddlers and when the moms would stop by to visit and get help from mom about the little ones, I would often be tasked with sitting and watching the "real baby". If it  was early morning, there would be two or more of us sitting in diapers and plastic panties. Later in the day, I usually had my "trainers" on. That was all around 5-8 years old. The younger moms never said anything that I noticed, but the neighborhood clotheslines were always full of  diapers and baby panties. I'll never forget the time I guess I was acting bratty and mom said something to the laddy visiting. She left for a few minutes, then came back with a pair of yellow animal print baby panties and put them on me. She said if I wanted to act like the little baby I could look like him too. That was a shaming moment. 

  19. Guest45304

     When i was 14 back in 1971,i went to a slumber party at a friends house and she was a bedwetter and wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants to bed.when it was time to get ready for bed,her mom called me and the other 4 girls into her bedroom and there was a stack of my friends cloth diapers and rubberpants laying on her bed and her mom told the rest of us that we had to wear a diaper and rubberpants as they got new beds and carpeting and she didnt want any one having on accident and staining the new carpet and bed.So we all put on a cloth diaper and the rubberpants and wore them to bed.

  20. Guest45116

     Back then,i remember seeing the rubberpants in pastel colors-pink,yellow,blue and the standard white as well as rubberpants with babyprints on them.the pastel and babyprint rubberpants were mostly worn by girls and the white by boys.I remenber seeing a few bedwetting teen girls around 14 and 15 with the babyprint rubberpants over their cloth diapers as well as the pastel colors.

  21. Guest44938

     when i was a girl,cloth diapers and toddler size rubberpants were worn for bedwetting quite frequently.When i was 11,i had two friends,also 11 who were bedwetters and when i slept over at their houses at bed time,i would sit at the foot of their beds and watch as their moms powdered them,then pinned the cloth diapers on,then pulled the rubberpants up their legs and over their diapers.When i was 14 to 16.i went to several slumber parties and there was usually two or three girls who were bedwetters and put their cloth diapers and rubberpants on before bedtime.I was lucky that i was never a badwetter and never had to wear the cloth diapers and rubberpants.When i was 13 tho,i was the flower girl in my older sisters wedding and mom did put rubberpants on me under my flower girl sister insisted on me wearing them!

  22. Guest44877

    There were 5 of us kids in our family,me and my two sisters and our two brothers and at one time or another,all five of us were bedwetters and we all were put into the regular cloth baby diapers with toddler size or bigger rubberpants over them.Our brothers didnt like wearing the diapers and rubberpants as they felt they were to babyish for boys,they both stopped their wetting around 10 or 11.Me and my two sisters didnt mind the diapers and rubberpants and our bedwetting lasted pretty much thru puberty untill we were around 14.At one point,all three of us were wearing the diapers and rubberpants for about 8 months,then i stopped wetting,then the other two wore them for another year or so,finially stopping around 14.It was hard being teen girls and yet having to wear cloth baby diapers and rubberpants to bed every night! 

  23. Guest44802

     yes,me and my sister were both bedwetters and we wore the regular cloth toddler diapers that were pinned on us with diaper pins and then had toddler size rubberpants over them.Sis and i shared a bedroom,so the diapers and rubberpants were kept in one drawer in the dresser.Every night at bedtime,sis and i laid side by side while mom powdered us then slid the diapers under our butts and then pinned them on we raised our legs and she pulled the rubberpants up our legs and over the diapers.we both felt like babies at bed time and our bedroom smelled like a nursery.We both stopped our bedwetting around 13 and 14 and then mom got rid of the diapers,but kept the rubberpants and we wore them for Easter and christmas under our dresses and also in a wedding we were in.

  24. Guest34012

     Yes,back in the 50s to the late 70s,cloth diapers and plastic babypants[rubberpants] were used on older kids and teenagers for bedwetting.I was quite common back then to see diapers and rubberpants drying on clothes lines where bedwetters lived.I knew kids,mostly girls,who wore the cloth diapers and rubberpants for their bedwetting up untill they were 17 and 18.Many bedwetting girls wore rubberpants with cute prints on them,where as the boys wore mainly plain white rubberpants.

  25. Guest33583
    A must for us bed wetter  s still wear today 59 love it why not diapers//rubber pants works for me
  26. Guest33344

     I am catholic and remember making my First Holy Communion at age 10 back in 1964 and having to wear the Playtex toddler extra large size milky white rubberpants under my communion dress.The parish first communion dress code for the girls was the poofy top of the knees communion dress with the veil,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes and the Platex rubberpants and white under shirt under the dress.Our parish bought the Playtex toddler extra large size size rubberpants for all the girls in the class and had them on a table in the bridal dressing and an hour before the ceremony all the moms and their daughters went to the dressing room and the moms each took a pair of the rubberpants and put them on their daughters under their communion dresses.They had to be worn with nothing under them or over them and all of us girls had to be checked for the rubberpants by the Religious Education director.Even if there were any teen girls in a class they had to wear them also.

  27. Guest32570

    There were four girls in my family-no brothers,and i was the second oldest and our parents used the regular cloth pin on baby diapers and the Empire brand rubberpants in the extra large super size on all four of us for our bedwetting,We each had a drawer full of the diapers and rubberpants,pins,babypowder,etc and at bedtime every night,mom would put the diapers and rubberpants on us.all four of us went thru puberty as bedwetters and having to wear the diapers and rubberpants every night.Me and my youngest sister stopped wetting at 13,while the other two went to almost 15. 

  28. Guest31719

     My sister and i were just about a year apart,me being the older big brother.when sis was 14 she started wetting the bed and our parents put her into the regular cloth baby diapers that were pinned on her with diaper pins and then she wore the toddler or super large size plastic babypants[rubberpants as they called them] over the diapers.Every night about 2 hours before bedtime mom would go in and put the diapers and rubberpants on sis and she would come out with them on under her pjs or nightgown.she would be smelling of baby powder and baby lotion.The rubberpants fit her snug over the diapers and she looked kind of like a baby with them got her diapers at the and her rubberpants were playtex,and some from woolworths and McCrory and also the Empire babypants in the extra large super size.when she was confirmed a couple of months later,mom and dad dressed her in a white flower girl dress with a veil.lace socks and white shoes and they put a pair of her rubberpants on her under her dress! she looked so cute.her bedwetting lasted for about a year and a half and finially got rid of the diapers and rubberpants.

  29. Guest21473

     I was talked into trying diapers age 11 by my sister 14. I looked up to her and her opinion that I'd be more comfortable in diapers to handle my nightly wetting made sense. She had already convinced my mom so a few days later I was put into my first diaper. My sister came in afterwords  as I was standing there looking down at the white poofy plastic panties, and smiled big. She walked up and hugged me.  I wore diapers for 6 more years till I finally got some control. Although she never actually diapered me, my routine after I learned to pin them myself was to lie down and she would tighten them up for me. I never was made to feel embaresed by my family but it was keep a secret. 

  30. Guest21141

    I am a female and was adopted just after my 14th birthday in 1976 and the very first night in my new home was put into cloth diapers and rubberpants and was told i would be wearing them 24/7 during my adjustment parents used the larger cloth baby diapers on me,with diaper pins and toddler size or super large size rubberpants.I did have accidents during the day time and when i was wet,mom changed me.At bedtime,it was extra diapers and the rubberpants fit snug over them.I had a changing table in my bedroom and there were two piles of my cloth diapers and 30 pairs of rubberpants beside the diapers as well as baby powder,diaper rash ointment,baby lotion,etc.I had the rubberpants in pink,yellow and blue and some with baby prints on them as well.during the day time i wore mainly a tee shirt and the diapers and rubberpants around the house,and for easter and thanksgiving and christmas i wore the baby print rubberpants.After about 8 months,i was fairly well adjusted and my wetting became less frequent and i was put into the thick cotton training pants with the rubberpants over them and then after about 3 months,i stopped wetting completely.Mom kept a few pairs of the rubberpants and i had to wear them for special occasions just in the time i was 15 and a half i was completely adjusted and became a normal teenager.

  31. sonny3w
    I wore cloth diapers and rubber pants every night well into my teens for bedwetting
  32. Guest10872
    me and my brother were both bedwetters and mom keep us in cloth diapers and rubber pants well into are teens every night It was no big deal in are family because there were others in are family that bed there bed and wore diapers it was mostly all the boys all my cousins wet there beds too
  33. Guest10630
    I remember friends of my parents coming to visit and they had 3 kids ages 3, 5 and 7.  All 3 wore diapers in bed. Before they arrived mom told me that the kids had diapers at bedtimes and I was not to say anything.  I was 10 almost 11 at the time.   To make a long story short, after supper we kids were out in the yard playing and I had to keep my eye on the 3 year old besides.  Later the kids mom came out and picked up the 3 year old and carried him into the house.  A while later their mom came out and called them in and the girls went into the house with their mom.  I followed and went into the living room and sat watching TV. Awhile later the girls came into the living room and they were in the nitey's it was quite obvious by the bulge under their nightgowns that they both had diapers on.  Their mom led them to the kitchen.  A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and the girls were seated at the table each eating a dish of ice cream.  I stood and talked with their mom and my mom and when they were done with the ice cream they got up from the table and their mom, as they walked by I cold hear a crackle of what I found out later were plastic pants that they wore over cloth diapers.  I also later found out that the reason for the cloth was that disposable bedwetting pants for the 3 of them cost a lot and so their mom had them wearing the cloth and plastic pants.  Each morning there were 3 pair of plastic pants hanging in our bathroom to dry.  Curious I looked at a pair and they looked just like regular underwear only they were made of plastic.  Over the course of the week they stayed with us at some point I managed to see all 3 of the kids dressed in diapers and plastic pants as they got ready for bed.

  34.  I loved wearing plastic baby panties as a child. Unfortunately  I was teased by my friends and family about still wearing rubber baby panties at the age of 3. I usually wore my rubber baby pantie without a diaper since my pee was just a dribble and not a full wetting.  I remember standing naked with my hands on my moms shoulders while she slipped my plastic baby pantie on me!!!! After my bottom and pee pee were baby powdered, I loved the feeling and sound of the rubber baby panty against my butt and how nice they caressed my pee pee. After a while, I complained about having to wear rubber baby panties because of the peer pressure, so my mom took them away from me. After a while, I began to miss my plastic baby panties. For the rest of my life I have loved plastic baby pants and would love to wear ever color ,style, and size ever made.!!!!!!!!

  35.  Yes,me and my twin sister did and it was horrible! we were the only two kids in our family and we were both bedwetters.we both started wetting just past age 11 and our mom bought the cloth diapers,diaper pins,toddler and super size rubberpants as well as baby powder and diaper rash oitnment for us.Every night at bedtime,sis and i laid side by side and mom powdered us then pinned the diaper on then pulled the rubberpants up our legs and over the was hard trying to be 'normal'girls,knowing in the back of our minds that we wore diapers and rubberpants to bed every night.Sis and i were 'girly' girls and mom had us wear our diaper and rubberpants under dresses as well for christmas and easter and weddings.when we were confirmed at 14,we had to wear white dresses and veils and mom had us wear a diaper and rubberpants under our dresses and it was embarrassing.we both stopped wetting around 15 and said goodbye to the diapers and rubberpants for good!

  36.  Yes,my parents did.there was me and my two sisters in my family and no brothers.All three of us were bedwetters and wore regular cloth baby diapers and super large size rubberpants over them every night.our mom bought the woolworths pata cake super large size rubberpants and also the playtex toddler extra size and a couple of other brands in the super large size.Our diapers were pinned on us with baby diaper pins and mom used baby powder and baby oil on us as well.Our bedwetting started when we were around 10 or 11 and lasted thru puberty untill we were all around age 14.every night at bed time the three of us laid side by side on a bed and mom would pin the diapers on us them pull the rubberpants up our legs and over the diapers.For christmas and easter,mom always put a pair of our rubberpants on us that we wore under our christmas and easter dresses and we also wore them for weddings and other special occasions as well.It was rough on us being 13 and 14 years old and having to wear the diapers and rubberpants to bed  and when we all finially stopped wetting,we got rid of the diapers and rubberpants for good!

  37.  my cousin janice and i are the same age,she was adopted from an orphange when she was 13 in 1974.she was right away put into cloth diapers and 'super' large size baby rubberpants and was started over as a baby.her parents had a crib in her romm that she slept in and the room was just like a nursery.she used a pacifier and had baby toys and had baby type dresses.her mom used regular baby cloth diapers on her pinned on with diaper pins and she had pastel and babyprint rubberpants.On a few occasions i was asked to baby sit her and had to change her when she was bed time i gave her a bath,then she got in her crib and i powdered her then pinned the diapers on her then put the rubberpants on over them,then i put her blanket sleeper on her and gave her pacifier,then she layed down in her crib and i covered her up.she was a baby for a year and a half then started on training pants and the rubberpants then after she was fully adjusted,she was taken out of the diapers and training pants and became a normal teen ager.her and i now are close and she is happily married with two kids of their own.

  38. When I was growing up a new family moved into the neighborhood and as time went by I became friends with the oldest girl in the family who was the same age as me 11, she had a younger sister age 9 and a brother age 7.  One day we were in their backyard and we went into the cellar to get a soccer ball. As we were going back out doors I saw a few pairs of plastic pants hanging on a clothesline in the laundry room.  I asked my friend who wore the rubber pants and she told me both her sister and brother were bedwetters and wore cloth diapers and rubber pants in bed.  As time went by we started going to each others house for sleepovers, the first time I slept at her house I both the girl and the boy with their diapers and rubber pants on.  The girls were under her nightgown and the boys under his pj's, when they walked or moved the rubber pants made noise and were usually on just shortly before they got into bed.  Over the years I got to see the bedwetters in their diapers and rubber pants many times and would also see them in the mornings when they were wet the diapers and rubber pants came off and they would go take showers and get dressed.  I was always fascinated to see them with their diapers and rubber pants on as I had never heard of older bedwetters wearing them before.  A few times I got to see them with just the diapers and rubber pants on before pj's and night gown were put on.  They were not embarrassed when I saw them.

  39.  I got tired of waking up in a puddle of pee.  The plastic sheet would pool the urin and I would wake up in the middle of the night cold and wet. I would then move to a different spot and go back to sleep. This became even worse at around 11 years old as my wetting increased to almost every night. Sometimes if I wet again it would wind up in my face and hair.  I remember how embarrassed I was every morning returning from the shower, my bed was striped with my mom wiping down the babyish plastic sheet.    So one day I got up my courage to talk to her about the possibility of getting me some diapers. I could see the relief on her face. She made no attempt to talk me out of it and said I was making a very "adult" choice. Tha night I was pined into my very first diaper and plastic panties. I continued to wear them for many more years.  Looking back, it was such a relief to sleep through the night only dealing with a soaked diaper in the morning.  I did feel babyish but still better than before.

  40.  yes,there was me and my 2 sisters in our family-no brothers and all three of us girls were bedwetters at one time or another and the cloth pin on diapers and toddler size rubberpants were the norm for bed time,we were done just like babies,lay on our bed while mom powdered us,then pinned the diaper on then puuled the rubberpants up our legs over the bedwetting lasted untill i was almost 15 and the other two went untill past was really rough being teen agers and having to wear the diaper and rubberpants to bed every night!


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  42.  I am female and was an only child,growing up back in the 60s and 70s.I started wetting the bed at 11 and a half and was right away put into cloth diapers and toddler rubberpants.Every night it was take my bath then lay on my bed where mom would rub me down with baby lotion, them apply the baby powder and bring the diaper up and pin it.then it was raise my legs up and the rubberpants were pulled up my legs over my diaper.i had one drawer dedicated to just my diapers and rubberpants.this went on until i was almost 16 and it was quite embarrassing having the diapers and rubberpants put on me every night.

  43. Growing up I remember 2 bedwetters and they both got cloth diapers and plastic pants put on at bedtime.  My sister was friends with one of the bedwetters sisters and she regularly saw the 8 year old in his night time diapers. The boy was unfazed that my sister saw him dressed for bed and he usually wore a tshirt and the plastic pants and that was all.  This was in the early 80's.  I did get to see him once when I had to bring something over to the house for my sister who was staying overnight.  He came into the kitchen while I was there wearing diapers, plastic pants and tshirt.  I tried not to stare.

  44. I was born in the mid 50’s and I was plagued with primary nocturnal enuresis : nightly till I was 12.5 , and occasionally till 15. I have one younger brother and one younger sister none of them got that problem. At that time my bedwetting was a family secret kept as well as possible….

    I had to endure one of the 2 bad or worth choices until I achieved dryness :

    - Option 1 :the noisy rubber mattress cover plus a large used bath towel to cover it ( instead of a regular bottom sheet) and waking up wet and stinky. Even-though both the window and the bed remained open at day time and the wet towel was removed for washing every morning a ) there was a permanent pee smell in my bedroom… b) I had also to wear long tee-shirts to bed instead of regular PJ’s . Then unnecessary to tell that I could never allow any buddy to come in my room….

    - Option 2 :bed equipped with a mattress cover much less noticeable plus regular sheets and wearing regular PJ’s, but I had to wear vinyl pants and diapers. Another way to feel really weird!, a) At age 8 my mother still diappered me after supper, b) Impossible for relatives not to notice the noise and the bulk under my PJ’s when kissing goodnight c) once a weak large snap-side plastic pants and cloth diapers were displayed to the neighborhood on our clothe-line.

    - I was a 3rd grader when I told mum that I could not wear any longer plastic pants and diapers because of being too babyish, I also started to remove them once in bed. Kids in the vicinity started to be suspicious (my brother & sister were already 6 & 3) it was more difficult to make them believe that this was for toddlers. The family doctor recommended to cure me with an enuresis-alarm ( bed-pad type), but at that age it did not work good enough: after 2 months my parents were fed up by having to get up to lift me every night, thus I was back to 100% wet nights. However my mum agreed that I was too old to be diapered, so I switched to option 1. During the next 6-7 years I swapped from option1 to option 2 and back several times but then I started to diaper myself with the first disposable diapers “band type: 2 at front 1 at back” inside waterproof pull on panties. I had a full cabinet only for regular and waterproof sheets, pajamas, plastic pants and packs of diapers. I always wondered why people talk about diaper rash, in my case, despite spreading talc, I got burned some few times at thighs because of elastic marks.

    Sleep-wetting is not only bedwetting : family visit trips meant 24 hours by car (from TX to GA), I needed to wear the wetter’s set. Once (I was 12) leaking occurred when returning from a Christmas visit. I had to go to a truck-stop restrooms. Mum gave me a dry PJ’s pair of trousers + clean plastic pants and diapers, after cleaning myself, as I stepped out from men’s room, giving her back the wet pajamas and open snap-side pants, another family arrived glaring at my crinkling and bulky butts…(I wished I could be able to disappear in a mouse-hole!). My father got mad about the smell in the car during the few next weeks, since I had to wait for a weather compatible with drying, before being able to shower the car backseat…

    When I spent 10 days or so at my grand parent’s the bed-wetter panties & diapers were also mandatory. At age 15 when I was in the good way to outgrow my enuresis (wetting only like 2 or 3 times a week) My granny still checked every evening that I was equipped for the nite (one small clap on my butt…) and asked every morning about the wet or dry status . When I refused to answer (from age 13) she started to search for dirty diapers or drying plastic pants . She also openly talked about my progress or relapses to my aunts, even though my mother & I begged her not put that on the public place in order “to help preserving my self-esteem”…..Of course in these conditions all my cousins knew about my night-wetting ( I was the oldest among 5 boys & 7 girls, the youngest being 8 years younger than me , one girl wetted till she was 6 and two boy till they were 5) I remember a little Kristin (5 when I was 13) asking “Jerry is that true that a big boy like you has to wear baby diapers to bed? I don’t need them since a long time” or my cousin Josh (almost my age usually very friendly) absolutely refusing to share a bed with me one year after It was over: ”not to be stinky the next morning!”

    Between ages 11 & 15, this was really my huge suffering and sorrow, seeing many doctors starting a lot of different cures, always fearing that my bedwetting would be disclosed to others than family members (like school nurse or teachers), or that classmates would learn. At the time I frequently tried not to fall asleep in order to go to bathroom in the middle of the night, I also dreamed that I was going to the bathroom to pee, but most of time I woke up wet, once more! I never accepted sleepovers or going to summer camps, making it difficult to have close friends…

    I hoped so much to become dry that finally, a third attempt with the enuresis alarm helped me to be cured : just opposite to common sense a nurse gave me the solution “ drink 2 glasses just before sleeping instead of peeing just before sleeping“: - instead of bedwetting once in 2 or 3 nites from a far to being full bladder, urination from a full bladder is almost sure. As a result , instead of allowing your bladder to govern you whenever it decides to, your brain will react to sensing your bladder full. That time my parents did not lift me up asleep from bed (like they used to when I was a 3rd then a 6th grader). It was my full responsibility and I reported weekly to that nurse. At beginning, I woke up after peeing, then it was during it but too hard to stop peeing, so it still resulted in complete voiding in the bed, then I could stop the flow and finish in the night pot, Progress went on so that I woke up from the few first drops,( the wet spot being only 2 inches), then the real successes came: waking up by feeling my bladder (which never happened before : previously dry nights were more the result of no drinks after 8 and peeing at 11 just before sleeping and getting up at 6:30). Overall this lasted like 3 months, then during another 2 months I still got the alarm, but it seldom rang and only once with a large wet spot and I got my first totally dry week. Finally I got my first straight dry month and stopped wearing the alarm. Both my mum & I wrote a grateful testimony letter to the nurse, she charged 150 $ (which was a certain amount by the end of 1969!)

    Since then I had overall less than 10 accidents in 45 years . They occurred during strong flues or big stress … a) Age 18, At college dormitory when waiting to know which university I’ll be in, the next semester b) Age 23, Few months after starting to live with my girl-friend, due to a 102° fever: 2 nites in a week, c) Age 35 to 60 few more isolated accidents due to jet lag (on overseas business trips) after 2 or more sleepless nights.

    When I saw the movie “the loneliest runner” by Michael Landon by the end of the 70’s, for the first time, I could feel that some others shared my own experience. I still make nightmares “waking up in a wet bed” or hearing granny in the next room chatting with one of her friends “will Jerry ever stop night-wetting , he claims he really wants to, but with so little results that I wonder if does it deliberately”. Of course my mother was not cruel like the movie character. She was praising me for dry nights, never punished me for wet ones , but at age 13 exactly like the boy in the movie I started to lie (in awkward attempts to hide wet sheets & PJ’s as the packs of diapers got empty). She asked me several times to stop that, but since I continued, I experienced the dirty sheets drying on my window when coming back from school (no bedwetting punishment rather the liar’s retaliation! ). On sunny Monday-afternoons, I used to rush home to check that they no vinyl pants or mattress covers drying on the garden clothe-line and hide them in the garage if any . Years later, when I got these 2 accidents, already living my girl friend, she wanted to talk about it. It was easy for me to rent the video and tell her “watch this movie and you’ll know how more about me”. Then we talked and I discovered that she already knew: I was really angry with my mother therefore.

    We married and got 3 boys. The second one was a teen bedwetter (he stopped between 13 & 14, he is now 24). His own experience was less painful than mine. Since my wife knew about my bedwetting history, she did not insist too much with Yohann’s enuresis. Sleep-wetting is no more a shameful family secret: every kid can see Goodnites jumbo packs at Wallmart’s. A good number of ski or summer camps welcomes enuretic kids, care givers are aware of the situation, an occasion for him to share room with other bedwetting big kids. From junior high, he met once a year with a pediatric urologist. His only duty at home was to put his bedding in the washer when necessary, and he had the choice between several practical solutions : There are now very nice and discrete PUL mattress covers (no noise, no perspiration at summer time). There are also disposable sleep-pants not perfect for leaks but far better than vinyl pants + several baby diapers for discretion under PJ’s. Finally when he tried the enuresis alarm there were disposable bed pads unheard of, at my time.


  45. In the 60's, I was an everynite bedwetter until 13 and still an occasional one till 15. I remember too well about the noisy vinyl matress cover, and that I had to wear nappies and plastic pants to bed. Actually since it was primary enuresis, I was not put back to diappers: I never left them... I put them on myself from age 8.

    I was a boy scout and I went to summer camps from age 8, Except one particular time,I was not bullied too much because one of the adults  threatened other kids that would make fun about it. I have bad memories about winter vacations at grany's: she checked every every evening if I had my bedwetter set on and every morning about my shower plus what had to be washed, and put absolutely no precaution about higdding the drying pj's nappies and plastic pants: all my cousins knew about it and called me names....

  46. Growing up the 50's and 60's ... I was a chronic bedwetter.  My mom decided to put me back in night diapers when I was 9 years old.   After my bath one night she called me into her bedroom and there on the bed were some cloth diapers and plastic pants.   I was surprised as she told me to get up on the bed ...  well she diapered me ... was more embarrassed to have to go tell my dad good nite after.  This became a nightly ritual ..into my tweens and early teens.  I was ok with having diapers at home  ... just didnt like having them when we went on vacations to visit relatives.  Its funny sometimes that I think back to those times ...and what seemed the bond me and my mom had about it.

  47. Yes they did and I remember all to well having them put on at bedtime each night because I was a regular bedwetter.  Each night when I was ready to get into bed mom would fold the diapers together to make the necessary padding, she would lay them out on the bed and I would lay down on them and she pulled them through my legs and pinned them at my waist and than came the plastic pants pulled up into place and than under the blankets  and off to dreamland. I regularly wet from ages 4 - 10 and wore diapers and plastic pants every night.

  48.  I was diapered til age 12 then I put them on myself.  I never had any bad feelings about it but would keep them hidden in a drawer. My mom replaced the white plastic pants as I grew and they wore out.  One time she bought some colored plastic pants, she said that's all the medical store had until they restocked so they would have to do.  This was the first time I started to like wearing diapers. I was 12. That night after pinning the diapers on I remember standing there looking at my new panties.  There were yellow, blue, and pink plastic pants.  It was the first time I can remember getting an errection as I pulled up yellow plastic pants. I layed down and had my first orgasim.  I became addicted to diapers and plastic panties, wetting on purpose to ensure mom would continue to let me wear them.


  49.  love bedwetting and cloth diapers and plastic pants call peter 706 461 3887

  50. I can remember wearing cloth nappies till i was nearly 12 for bedwetting. I can remember at about the age of 10 mum had just finished putting my nappy on and in walked the babysitter she looked shocked and i felt really embarressed i was glad i was about to be put to bed

  51. I remember going on a trip with my parents and we spent a couple of nights visiting friends of theirs.  I was about 9 or 10 and they had kids that were like 4,6 and 7. These kids all wore cloth diapers and plastic pants in bed every night.  I felt kind if funny seeing the bulging diapers and hearing their plastic pants when the walked or moved and the 2 mornings that we were there they all woke up with wet diapers on.  I did happen to see the 6 year old with just the diapers and plastic pants on just after her mom had put her in them. It was odd to see older kids still with diapers on.

  52. I started wetting my pants again at age of  14. My wetting was minimal but all of my underwear had pee stains in them and my mom was frustrated having to constantly wash my underwear. A friend of hers worked for a company that made plastic baby pants. One day after arriving home from school, mom called me into my bedroom. She showed me ten pairs of underwear badly pee stained. She told me only big boys wear cloth underwear and that babies wear rubber baby panties. She reached in my top drawer and pulled out a pair of light blue snap on style plastic baby panties. After she pulled my pants down, she powdered me, spread my legs wide and proceeded to snap the the baby blue rubber baby panties on me. They fit perfectly and was changed daily until age17..

  53.  I would hav much rather had diapers to wear instead of the noisy plastic sheet on my bed.  I was in a near panic any time some one would come into my room, hoping they wouldn't sit on my bed. 

  54.  Both me and my sister[2 years younger] were bedwetters and wore the regular,pin on cloth diapers with the toddler size rubberpants over them.We each had a drawer in our dressers with just the diapers and rubberpants in it.we wore the playtex toddler extra large size as well as the woolworths pata-cake super large rubber pants and also the super large size from k-mart.I started wetting the bed at age 11 and for  a while i was the only one wearing them,then when i was 13.sis started wetting the bed and she started wearing the diaper sand rubberpants also.At bedtime,mom would bring out the diapers,pins,baby powder,the rubberpants and we would lay side by side on my bed and she would put them on us.We also wore them under our easter dresses on easter sunday to easter vigil.the playtex rubberpants were quite popular and our parish bought them in large quantities for the girls to wear under their first communion and white confirmation dresses.I was confirmed at 14 and had to wear the white,poofy,knee length dress with a veil,lace anklets and the white'mary jane' got me a new pair of the playtex rubberpants to wear under my dress and all the other girls wore them as well.when sis was 14 she wore my confirmation outfit and wore the playtex rubberpants under the dress bedwetting lasted till i was almost 16 and it was hard being a teenager and having to wear the diapers and rubberpants to bed.sis stopped wetting around 15 and a half and we were both happy to be out of them.that was back in the late 60s and early 70s.still today,the girls wear rubberpants under their communion and confirmation dresses,only they are teen or adult size.

  55.  I had a drawer full of cloth diapers and baby pants ( that's what we called them).  I was very carful to keep my embarrassing secret from all the naborhood kids.  Before bed my mom or sister would diaper me up till I was about 13 or 14.  After that, they allowed me to do it but would sometimes check me to see if they were on right. My younger sister would tighten up my diaper then pull baby pants up over the bulge.  

  56. I commented earlier on the fact that I wore cloth diapers and plastic or rubber pants to bed for bedwetting up thorough highschool.  I  wondered if I was about the only guy who might have been wearing them sometimes during the daytime.  I noticed the comment from the young man who said both him and his friend wore diapers and plastic pants to bed and helped their father I guess deliever the sunday newspapaer and sometimes they would still be wearing their diapers.  I as well would help my dad on the farm sometimes early in the mornings and especially on weekend moringings I would still be wearing my diapers and plasrtic pants from the night before.  I sometimes would go into town especially during the summer and when we would be driving in the countryside and notice diapers hanging from the clothes line at homes where I knew guys whom I went to school with or where I knew older boys lived.  I noticed I thin since I was conscious of the fact that we had my cloth diapers and a couple pair of plastic pant always hanging to dry.  By the way cloth diapers are still produced and used today I think in many casses they are more absorbent than the ones I wore as a kid. 

  57. I remember going to one of my dad's friends house with him after supper and I went to use the bathroom.  As I walked by the bedrooms I noticed that one of the rooms had folded diapers laying on the bed and plastic pants were over the bedpost, obviously one of the boys was a bedwetter.


  58. I grew up in the 60's and 70's and was a bedwetter until I was 16.  My mom bought plastic pants in the super toddler size until I was around 10 or 11.  They fit well for a girl my age.  Today you can not find such a size.  I was just getting out of 6th grade when my mom decided to go for rubber pants she could buy at a drug store a few blocks from our home.  I wore them until I was almost out of my junior year in high school.  My brothers teased me about wearing diapers and plastic/rubber panties.  One brother even told a boy I liked about my need for diapers.  He was sweet about it for a while but finally told his friends who told their friends etc.


  59. I too saw my friends brother, only I was going down the hall to use the bathroom and walked past the boys room and he had his cloth diapers on and was just pulling up his plastic pants.  He looked at me and turned red.  He had no chance to react.  I looked and kept walking down the hall.  I knew he wore diapers and plastic pants to bed but had never seen them.


  60. I grew up in the 70's and my best friend's little brother who was 9 years old at the time wore Curity cloth diapers and Gerber plastic pants to bed every night.

    I was sleeping over one night and when I first came in their house he was standing in the kitchen in his bulky diapers and plastic pants. He had no time to react and was very emabrrassed. His face was so red as my friend introduced us. He looked liked he wanted to crawl under a rock! 

  61. Growing up during the sixties and seventies I wore cloth diapers and rubber or plastic pants all the time for wetting the bed.   I'm not sure there were many other choices then for guys who wet the bed, it wouldn't have mattered anyhow because I grew up poor and actually cloth diapers are a inexpensive way, we could't have affforded disposible diapers.  If you would have come over to the house in the evening you would have seen me around usually just wearing my diaper and plastic pants. All of my clothes were washed out basically by hand and hung to dry so in the summer months especially there were always my diapers and a few clothes on the line.  During winter months we had to hang our clothes inside the house to dry so off the kitchen there was always diapers plastic or rubber pants hanging along with a few clothes. We didn't have much but we madedue with what we had. But I wet the bed at least untill I was sixteen or seventeen years old.

  62. I was in nappies and plastic pants at night until I was at leat 8 years old because I constantly wet the bed.

  63. When we were first married we lived next door to a family that had 4 kids, 2 of them a few months old and a 3 year old wore regular diapers all the time.  2 older kids, bedwetters, 5 and 7 wore cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed each night.  It was not unusual to see the older kids with their diapers and plastic pants on in the evening.  I would sometimes go over to give something to the mom and all the kids had diapers and plastic pants on and were ready for bed.  In the summer that was all they wore to bed.  Every couple of days there would be diapers and plastic pants of different sizes hanging out on the clothesline.

    I also babysat a bedwetter and he had diapers and plastic pants on for bed too!


  64. i am a male and grew up in the late fifties and early sixties.there were mostly girls in my neighborhood and i hung out with only one other boy who was in the neighbor hood.i remember a few of the girls in my neighborhood were bedwetters and all wore the cloth diapers and toddler rubber pants to bed every night.during the summer time some of the girls would have their bedwetting diapers and rubber pants under their shorts when we were playing.the one time my buddy and i pulled a girls shorts of of her and she ran home with her diaper and rubber pants showing to all the rest of the kids.there was a catholic church down the road from us and every spring in may the girls making first communion would have a diaper and rubber pants on under their communion dresses.

  65. i am a male and grew up in the sixties and sister who was a little over a year older than me was a bedwetter.she started at around 13 and our mom used regular baby diapers and playtex toddler extra large plastic baby pants on her every night.on laundry day i would see the pile of her washed cloth diapers and the baby pants sitting in the laundry room waiting to be put in her drawer.every night our mom would go into sis;s room and close the door and put the diaper and baby pants on her.a few minutes later she would come out with the diaper and baby pants on under her pajamas and smelling of baby powder and we got older it was hard for her to go to slumber parties and have to wear the diapr and baby pants under her pjs.she wet the bed till just before her 17th birthday when she stopped.all those four years she wore the diaper and baby pants every night.

  66. I am a male and the youngest in our family.i grew with twin sisters who were two years older than me back in the 60s and early 70s.both my sisters started wetting the bed when they were 12 and our mom used regular cloth baby diapers and the playtex toddler extra large super size plastic baby pants on them every night.they both shared a room and every night i would hear my mom tell them it was time to put their diapers and rubber pants on at bedtime.they would lay side by side and our mom would baby powder them then pin their diaper then i would hear her pulling the rubber pants up their legs and over their diaper.they would put their footy pajamas on and come and say goodnight and brush their teeth and get in bed.on wash day she hung their diapers and rubber pants on the clothes line and the other neighbor kids saw them.she would their diapers and rubber pants on them for easter and christmas and other special occasions as well.they wore the diapers and baby pants untill they finally stopped wetting the bed shortly after their 16th birthday.they were both confirmed just before their 16th birthday and they had to wear white dresses and veils with mom put a pair of their rubberpants on them that they wore under their tights for the day.i was 14 and got into trouble when i told a couple of my buddies that my sisters had plastic baby pants on under their tights and word got around and they got teased.

  67. My brother and I both had to wear diapers and plastic pants to bed up until the age of 9 or so.  Every night at bedtime she would have us come to her room and the diapers and plastic pants were ready for us.  One at a time we climbed up on the bed and the diapers were folded and slipped under us, pinned into place and we got off the bed and put on our plastic pants.  Usually in the warm summer wather that was all we wore to bed.  In the winter we wore pj's to.


  68. My mom did when I started bedwetting at the age of 6 (this would have been in the early 70's) and my mom used the old cloth baby diapers she had in a box downstairs. I remember her having me sit in my room and then bringing in the box, it had "baby" written on it and opening it up and taking out the diapers, pins, plastic pants and a changing pad. I also remember there were other baby items in the box that she put to the side as she went through the box, I seen pacifiers, bottles and some other stuff. She left the room and came back with a washcloth and a box of cornstarch. I still clearly remember watching her fold the diaper and then getting me off the bed and pulling off my pants and underwear and laying me down on the changing pad, then her lifting my legs and putting the diaper under me, wiping and then the cornstarch, and when she lowered my backside down on the diaper and pinning it on then the plastic pants. I don't know how long I wore the diapers at night for but it was until a while after my 8th birthday. Now when I look back at it I just don't think there were many options at the time. But I still remember getting upset and feeling babyish about the whole thing.

  69. I was born in the early 1950s when cloth diapers and rubber pants were the only way of handling incontinence. Because of our bed wetting, my sisters and I were diapered every night right after our baths. Even though I knew that many of my friends and neighbors were going through the same routine every night I always felt like I was the only person in the world who wet the bed and I was always very ashamed and almost never talked about it with anyone. Bedwetting was the secret that everyone seemed to know and no one ever talked about. So here we are, 50 years later, and not much has changed except children now wear a disposable diaper to manage their bedwetting but still no one seems to want to talk about it.

    When I was 10 years old my best friend and neighbor both got paper routes. His father had a station wagon and on Sunday mornings when the papers were very thick he would drive us up and down the streets while we threw papers off the tailgate. Since both of us wet the bed and wore diapers it wasn't unusual for us to deliver our papers on Sunday morning still wearing the diapers we had gone to bed in. Because of this we became very aware of the number of houses that had diapers hanging on their cloths lines and we used to try and figure out who in each house was wearing the diapers. Some families had babies or young children so that seemed obvious, but many of the houses had kids that we went to school with. We became fascinated with trying to figure out how many of our classmates were still in diapers for bedwetting or wetting during the day.

    Statistics, on bedwetting, tell us that 2% of the population has never stoped wetting. But from my own observations on my paper route all those many years ago, and sales figures for Under Jams, Good Nights, and different brands of adult diapers at my grocery store, I think this figure is far too low and there needs to be some definitive research done in order to determine just how many people have trouble with bedwetting and urinary incontinence. That said I also think it's time to remove the stigma and shame from involuntary loss of urine and educate everyone that the need to wear diapers is not something to be ashamed of. A diaper is just a thicker form of underwear, and it's time to learn just how common urinary incontinence truly is, and stop voicing the same “Old Wives tales” that all children are toilet trained by 2 years old and that bedwetting is either a psychological problem or a discipline problem...   Bed wetting, for a significant portion of our population, is normal!

  70. i am female and was a bedwetter back in the late 60s and early 70s.i started wetting the bed when i was 12 and my mom sewed baby diapers together to make thick diapers for me.i wore the playtex toddler extra large plastic pants and also the woolworths patacake plastic pants in the super large size.every night i had to lay on my bed and my mom pinned a diaper on me then put the rubberpants on me.she hung my diapers and rubberpants on the clothes line and sometimes the neighbor boys would steal the rubberpants.i wore the diapers and rubberpants untill past my 15th birthday.i had to wear them under my easter dresses and on christmas mom liked having me in the diapers and rubberpants under my dresses.i was confirmed at 15 and had to wear a white dress ,veil,tights and mom put a pair of the playtex rubberpants on me under my tights and i felt weird walking down the aisle with babypants under my tights.

  71. i am female and was a bedwetter back in the late 60s and early 70s.i started wetting the bed when i was 12 and my mom sewed baby diapers together to make thick diapers for me.i wore the playtex toddler extra large plastic pants and also the woolworths patacake plastic pants in the super large size.every night i had to lay on my bed and my mom pinned a diaper on me then put the rubberpants on me.she hung my diapers and rubberpants on the clothes line and sometimes the neighbor boys would steal the rubberpants.i wore the diapers and rubberpants untill past my 15th birthday.i had to wear them under my easter dresses and on christmas mom liked having me in the diapers and rubberpants under my dresses.i was confirmed at 15 and had to wear a white dress ,veil,tights and mom put a pair of the playtex rubberpants on me under my tights and i felt weird walking down the aisle with babypants under my tights.

  72. I was a long-term bedwetter throughout my childhood (born in 1985 for reference), and I wore standard baby diapers at night until I was 6, and my brother wore them until he outgrew his wetting at 8. I didn't really mind wearing diapers, after all, a wet diaper is much more comfortable than wet sheets or pajamas, and it was just treated as a normal part of our evening/bedtime routine. I wore the Extra Large size diapers back then, which are (I believe) roughly equivalent to the present Size 5. I don't remember having any trouble fitting into those baby diapers back then, although I was rather small even at 5 and 6 years old, never exceeding 45-50 pounds or so. Occasionally, as my brother got older, my mom would sometimes need to add extra tape to his diapers to ensure that they stayed on, but I never had that problem.

    I would eventually transition to Pull-Ups and Goodnites later on before I outgrew my bedwetting years later.

  73. Yes they did.  The girl next door was a bedwetter until around age 8 and she had two younger siblings.  It was not uncommon to see the younger kids diapers and plastic pants hanging on the clothesline along with larger size diapers and plastic pants that she wore to bed. 

    In the 70's it was not unusual at all to see larger size diapers and plastic pants hanging on clotheslines.

  74. Yes, I was a bed and pants wetter until I was 12 y/o. My mom used cloth diapers and rubber pants me every night and when ever we went out. I remember getting teased alot by my older sister and her friends.

  75. Yes they did.  During my babysitting days it was not uncommon to see older bedwetters wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed.  Moms felt that it was better for the child to get a good nights sleep instead of having to wake up with cold wet bedding and have to be changed.
    I knew of 3 kids who went to bed with cloth diapers and plastic pants on. I never felt it was weird, but seeing them with them on made me glad I didn't do it.

  76. Yes, I wore diapers at night until age 6. I remember being diapered in XL Luvs and Huggies.

  77. yes im incontent and wore ex large baby pants and a nappy at the age of 11 then the nurse started supply larger nappies and plastic pants i now use disposable ones

  78. Yes - well in my family they did. I remember back in the 60's my mother used to put a terry towelling square and plastic pants on my younger sister who was nearly 8 because she wet the bed. Also quite often we wore plastic pants if we didnt do a poo just incase we had an accident.

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