Creating a word doc from another word doc

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  1. The easiest way to create one Word doc from another is to right-click on the document icon, select copy (left-click). Next right-click on an empty area of the folder you are in or in another folder or on the Desktop, and select Paste (left-click). This will copy the file.  If you have copied the file to the same folder (Desktop included), then the copied file name will be the original name with " - Copy" added after the original name.  So if the original file was called My.doc then the copy will be called My - Copy.doc
    If, however, the file is copied to a new location (a different folder or USB or disk) then the copied file will have the exact same name.  In both cases you can change the name using "Rename" (right-click on the file and select Rename, then type in the new name - make sure '.doc' is not changed).
    Now you can open the new file (Word document) in one of several ways and edit it as you would usually.
    Another way to create a Word doc is from inside of Word. From the menu along the top of the page select -Insert- , left-click on it, then select File.  This will bring up an explorer window where you can find the file you want to insert into Word.  When you see the file you want, select it to be opened in Word. The only problem with this method is that the file you insert will follow the formatting of your blank file which you then may have to reformat to get the results you want.  Once you have done what you want with the inserted file you can save the Word file you are working on and give it a name that you want as usual.  
    Making a copy of a Word document file as described here-in first, is the best way to make an exact copy of a Word document.

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