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High-level programming languages like BASIC are a renowned option, which serve to simplify usage of computer for users in the highly dynamic world of technology. BASIC allows broad range of applications has many versions. Few specialties of application of BASIC are that it is easy to use for beginners, can add up advance features, it allows interactive use rather than batch work and facilitates learning through practical use. Both professional and non-professional utilize it for a variety of purposes.

BASIC serves as a multi-platform and its major implementations are Apple BASIC, Commodore BASIC, Microsoft BASIC, BBC BASIC, and TI-BASIC. It is applied in COMAL, Visual BASIC, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Real-Basic, REXX, Q-Basic, Quick Basic, VB Script, GRASS, Pearl and Active X Programming. Software Developers and Computer Experts need in-depth understanding of the terminologies, variables, codes, methods, properties, and functionality in their work. It is very important to understand the what, why, where, when and how of BASIC to understand the basic concepts and to formulate new programming language applications.

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